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Interprofessional Practice Based Research


Name: IPBR blog

Role:Highlight the latest in practice based research at St. Michael’s Hospital

Research interests: knowledge dissemination, celebrating great work, in-depth understanding of clinical issues and research solutions

Fun trivia: This blog loves romance novels, long walks on the beach; seeking clinicians who have a passion for research

October 1, 2018

Welcome to the new Interprofessional Practice Based Research Program (IPBR) blog!

Image of Sonya Canzian
Sonya Canzian
VP of Clinical Programs at St. Joseph’s (interim) and at St. Michael’s and chief nursing and health disciplines officer (interim)

St. Michael's Hospital has long supported academic research and fostered a culture of discovery across the organization. We take great pride in the fact that our clinicians seek to deliver excellent patient care using the best available evidence. With its roots in nursing research, the Interprofessional Practice Based Research Program (IPBR) helps to equip our nursing and health disciplines professionals to improve patient care through research and education. We aim to empower clinicians to critically appraise and question their practice and then take those questions to create and translate new knowledge at the bedside.

Take for example one of our registered dietitians, Alyson Martinez. As a practitioner in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), she noted that many parents of premature infants seem distressed about the transition to feeding their new baby once they went home. Alyson wondered how these parents felt about their experiences of learning to feed their premature infant, and how they were able to translate these skills to independently caring for and feeding their infant upon discharge home. The findings from Alyson’s ongoing study will help to inform new educational resources for parents and staff in the NICU.

Each month here on the IPBR Blog you’ll learn about inspiring clinicians such as Alyson, who go above and beyond the excellent care they provide to the patients to also contribute to establishing best practices in health care.

Why support practice-based research?

At St. Michael's we have more than 1600 nurses and 940 health disciplines clinicians who, at the bedside, are optimally positioned to identify gaps in our clinical practice and identify research questions with significant potential impact. Moreover, the opportunity to engage in research has significant impacts upon an individual’s sense of personal and professional development. Participating in a research project may spark an interest which could lead to changes in how one approaches and provides clinical care, as well as a new career path in academia, leadership, or clinical practice. Being involved in interprofessional practice-based research also provides:

  • an opportunity to answer a question the clinician may have wondered about at the bedside;
  • a chance to network and meet like-minded colleagues both internally and externally (i.e. conferences);
  • a means to develop many practical skills from critical thinking, written and oral communication, project management, leading a team, collaboration, problem solving and more;
  • new career advancement opportunities.

What does the IPBR Program offer?

We established the IPBR Program in order to provide research support, tools, opportunities and mentorship for our nursing and health disciplines clinicians as St. Michael's. Through multifaceted approaches including one-on-one mentorship, workshops, seminars, and online self-paced resources, we aim to make participating in and leading a research project accessible, feasible and enjoyable for our busy clinicians.

Ways in which you can support practice-based research at St. Michael's

  • encourage your staff and colleagues to engage and connect with the IPBR team if they have an interest in research
  • celebrate the achievements of those presenting and publishing their work
  • financial donations to help establish new opportunities for clinicians to engage in practice-based research

What you’ll find on the IPBR blog

Each month we’ll be profiling the latest and greatest in practice-based research at St. Michael's. This includes spotlighting the innovative and driven clinicians who are contributing to the development of new knowledge and ideas to improve patient care. We’ll also be showcasing IPBR initiatives, metrics and new developments. Let us know if there is anything else you would like to see us provide and connect with us if you’re engaged in practice-based research!

Happy discovering!


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