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Interprofessional Practice Based Research


Highlights of speakers from various presentations during Research Month

Jan. 22, 2020

November Research Month recap

As many of you know, November was Research Month across Unity Health. Originally started at St. Michael’s Hospital, Research Month events now take place across all three hospital sites. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the impact that research makes on policy, practice, patients and families. This year, IPBR held a range of networking sessions, lectures, and our annual showcase as an opportunity for nurses and health disciplines to connect and engage on research, learn research skills, and share the wonderful studies they conduct.

In the past few years, the Research Month committee has organized various lunches with leadership, where staff can come together to connect in an informal setting and have a discussion with various members of the hospital’s leadership team. This year, the IPBR department hosted a Lunch with Leadership session with Sonya Canzian for nurses and health disciplines. Sonya has consistently been a strong supporter of practice based research among our nurses and health disciplines, and we were glad to provide an opportunity for staff to connect with her and have a discussion on research.

We also hosted lectures at Providence Healthcare and St. Joseph’s Health Centre entitled, How to Find Evidence for Evidence Based Practice. We had a great turnout at both sites, and were pleased to see how interested clinicians are in learning the skills to conduct practice based research. These two sessions gave us the opportunity to connect with colleagues across the network, and learn about new research interests that are brewing.

In our IPBR Journal Club, we discussed information that individuals may wish to have in order to give informed consent. We had a lively discussion on study design, considered differences between information patients and family members require versus what they might like to have, and identified ways such an international study could be rerun in the Canadian health care setting.

Last but not least, we held our annual showcase at the end of the month, and while this was our third showcase, it was the first time we partnered with the Alternate Funding Plan. We had 18 posters, and five oral presentations. Thank you to everyone who came to share their amazing research projects – it was remarkable to learn about so many impactful projects. The feedback we received indicated our presenters and attendees enjoyed the opportunity to connect with colleagues and learn about the innovative research being carried out. We have already begun planning for our 2020 IPBR-AFP showcase, and look forward to seeing learning about the new research conducted in the coming year.

Is there an event you’d like to see us host during Research Month next year? Please drop us a line and let us know – we’re always open to new suggestions for opportunities we can create for our clinicians.

Connecting with IPBR

The Interprofessional Practice Based Research program at St. Michael’s Hospital assists nurses and health disciplines professionals at St. Michael’s Hospital engage in the identification, implementation, and evaluation of best practices through research. During Research Month, we aimed to create opportunities for our clinicians to engage and learn new research skills, and showcase the amazing work they are doing. If there is a suggestion for a program you would like to see hosted during a future Research Month, please let us know.

“We are so fortunate for this opportunity to collaborate, inspire, lead and evolve in this research community. Thank you for the hard work and dedication of the organizers.”
- Mirjana Tusha (Respiratory Therapist) & Lucia Lorenzatti (Speech Language Pathologist) (IPBR-AFP Showcase Poster Presenters)

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