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Interprofessional Practice Based Research


Name: Manuscript Writing Boot Camp

Role: Provide space for focused writing

Research interest: Publications, knowledge dissemination, creative writing, framing a research message

Fun trivia: This initiative is often described as a tall, dark, drink of knowledge

June 26, 2019

Getting your writing in gear: Manuscript Writing Boot Camp

Two nurses, four dietitians, and three social workers walk into a room. They listen to a presentation, participate in a creative activity, and get to work writing.

I bet you were thinking that I was going to tell you a great joke, but no, instead I just described a great program. The IPBR Manuscript Writing Boot Camp.


I’ll tell you more. Every three weeks (starting again in the fall) the IPBR team hosts a Manuscript Writing Boot Camp. The purpose of this program is to provide a dedicated time and space to write up scholarly activities for publication. The Boot Camp starts with a 40-minute didactic presentation that describes the components of a manuscript. Clinicians are encouraged to ask questions and together we discuss tips and tricks for writing. After the presentation, participants are given time to relax. They are able to bring a snack and undertake a creative activity. The goal of the activity is to get their minds off of the stress and pressures of writing, and get the creative juices flowing. Then it is time to get to work. The rest of the three-hour session is dedicated quiet time to write. The IPBR team provides support and offers guidance as needed.

We are thrilled with the popularity of this program. Every session clinicians come and take time out of their busy days to work on their manuscripts. Some clinicians are committed to making this a regular part of their schedule. Those who can’t make the full session are welcome to join us for the dedicated time to continue their work in a quiet and supportive environment.

Feedback from the sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. One clinician stated that, “I extremely enjoyed the session, and look forward to attending more. Not only did I get tips that I immediately got to apply to my working cover letter, but I now have more ideas to use as I re-review my manuscript and abstract. …I think that it should be stressed that many of us in that session appreciate having the time and quiet space to work on our paper submissions.

Another added, “I left with a renewed sense of hope that I will take this paper across the finish line. Thank you both for your time. I will use the intervals between our meetings to work on the paper.”

We welcome all nurses and health disciplines clinicians at St. Michael’s Hospital to join us. Stop in, check it out, and get some work done. Writing can be stressful and putting it off is sometimes too easy. Here is an opportunity to get help, be supported, and make progress!  We publish our Manuscript Writing Boot Camp schedule in our monthly newsletter and also send out email reminders – keep an eye out for updates about new dates for Fall 2019! Contact us at any time if you would like more information at

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