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Support / Professional Services

Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathologists at St. Michael’s Hospital provide services to patients who have swallowing and communication disorders. These include services to all of the inpatient programs of the hospital and to two outpatient clinics: swallowing and voice.

Inpatient services

A team of speech-language pathologists provides both clinical and instrumental evaluations and management of oropharygneal swallowing disorders, whether they arise from medical causes such as stroke or trauma, or from other causes such as tracheostomy or post-extubation. Clinical swallowing evaluation includes a review of a patient’s comprehensive medical history, an examination of the oral peripheral mechanism, and food and liquid trials in varying amounts and with various feeding techniques. If needed, instrumental evaluation such as videofluoroscopy may be employed to further assess the swallowing mechanism.

For patients who have communicative challenges, as in stroke or head injury, this team also provides assessment and management of speech, language and cognitive-communication disorders. If needed, augmentative and alternative communication services for functional communication can be provided. As part of the Regional Stroke Centre in Southeast Toronto, Speech-Language Pathology is an integral service to the inpatient Stroke Assessment and Treatment Team.

Outpatient services

Speech-language pathologists in the Voice Clinic provide state-of-the-art voice care, offering services such as stroboscopy, digital voice analysis and therapeutic treatment. The Outpatient Swallowing Clinic (Oropharyngeal Dysphagia Clinic) operates one day a week and provides swallowing studies to St. Michael’s patients. This clinic offers specialized instrumentation not only with videofluoroscopy but also with fiberoptic endoscopy for the assessment and management of swallowing disorders.

Education and research

The Speech-Language Pathology service is fully affiliated with the graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Toronto. All speech-language pathologists have received Master's level training and most have cross appointments with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine. All of our clinicians are actively engaged in staff and student teaching. Our commitment to quality improvement and education are demonstrated in various research-related endeavors and in continuous staff training.

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