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Clinics & Inpatient Care Centres


The division of Rheumatology is part of the Mobility program and provides inpatient and outpatient consultation services.

Outpatient services occur in the Martin Family Arthritis Care and Research Centre, alongside specialized orthopedic, plastic surgery and neurology clinics. With the support of nurses, ACPAC-trained physiotherapists and administrative staff, the centre is able to provide effective and multidisciplinary ambulatory care.

The centre is equipped for joint and soft tissue aspirations and injections with a polarizing microscope for synovial fluid analysis. Radiology services are located next to the Martin Family Centre for convenient and timely diagnostic X-rays. Laboratory services are readily available. The centre also provides infusion services for patients receiving intravenous treatments.

The division provides inpatient and emergency room consultation services. The inpatient consult team consists of an attending rheumatologist plus two core general medicine residents each month, and frequently an elective student. After hours, on weekends and holidays, rheumatology consults are seen by the sub-specialty medicine resident on call who reviews with the attending rheumatology staff. Patients requiring hospitalization for rheumatologic diseases are admitted to one of the general internal medicine teams.

Ambulatory multidisciplinary clinics

  • Early rheumatoid arthritis (Dr. Rubin)
  • Metabolic bone disease and osteoporosis (Drs. Rubin and Norris)
  • Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies (Drs. Shupak and Vinik)
  • Osteoarthritis (Dr. Rubin)
  • Auto-inflammatory disease (Dr. Laxer)
  • Pregnancy in  the rheumatic diseases (Dr. Mahendira)
  • Hemophilia arthritis (Dr. Norris)
  • Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis transition (Dr. Perlin)
  • Juvenile Inflammatory Myopathies transition (Dr. Vinik)

New UnityConnect digital tool

The safety of our patients and people is our top priority. One of the key ways we can ensure the safety of our patients, staff and physicians is screening for any COVID-19 related symptoms they may have. To help with this, we launched a digital tool called UnityConnect in the Martin Family Centre and Fracture clinic at St. Michael’s Hospital on Sept. 9 that allows you to pre-screen for symptoms before you arrive to the hospital.

We have various screening points before an appointment. This tool replaces pre-screening that typically takes place on the phone before an appointment. You will also be screened upon arrival to the building and clinic. This enables us to identify any new symptoms that might develop between pre-screening and your arrival and take appropriate precautions.

How it works:

  • When you book your appointment, you will be asked if you consent to receiving text messages or emails through the UnityConnect tool.
  • Once you consent, you will receive:
    • Reminders about your appointment
    • Information about what to expect for your appointment
    • A pre-visit screening questionnaire to do in advance of your visit
    • An optional satisfaction survey after your appointment to let us know how we’re doing
  • For more information on the UnityConnect tool, read our tip sheet.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Use of this tool is optional. If you would prefer not to use it, we will continue to connect with you using our existing methods.

We will be launching UnityConnect in a variety of areas over the coming months and welcome your feedback to ensure it is easy to use. We aim to have the tool available in all clinics across Unity Health over the next year.

Educational activities

Members of the division participate in, and lead a broad range of medical education activities for trainees at all levels and across disciplines. The Rheumatology division also accepts a limited number of elective family medicine residents and medical students throughout the year, who are fully integrated into all aspects of our clinical and education programs. University of Toronto PGY4 rheumatology residents are assigned to ambulatory clinics for two-month blocks and the PGY5 rheumatology residents spend one month as junior attending on the inpatient consult service, closely supervised by a Rheumatology attending staff.

Educational rounds

  • Weekly rheumatology noon rounds
  • Monthly rheumatology-radiology rounds
  • Bi-monthly myositis rounds
  • Weekly medical grand rounds
  • Bi-weekly intercity rheumatology rounds

Educational programs

  • Annual Arthritis Day for Primary Care Clinicians
  • Prescription for education for patients with inflammatory joint diseases
  • Advanced Clinician Practitioner in Arthritis Care (ACPAC)

Contact us

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 Phone: 416-864-5280 (Booking Office)