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Renal Services - Renal Clinical Technology Department

The clinical technology department provides technical and clinical expertise and support services to ensure that dialysis treatments are safe, effective and in accordance with the scope of practice. Maintenance programs guarantee excellent working order for the dialysis machinery and for the water treatment systems needed for the care of patients with renal disease. Different treatment modalities are accomplished by the use of 48 Gambro “Phoenix” machines, five Gambro “Prisma” CRRT machines, and eight water purification systems.

Quality Assurance

Standards set by regulatory agencies, professional associations and legislators regulate all activities. Periodic inspection of the unit ensures compliance with hospital policies and procedures. Work documentation, statistical analyses and implementation of recommendations permit a continuous quality improvement cycle.

Water Purification Systems

The department operates and maintains eight modern and efficient water purification systems used for the care of renal patients. Every year, approximately five million liters of water are purified to produce enough dialysate to complete more than 30, 000 hemodialysis treatments.


Clinical technology contributes to the teaching and research culture at St. Michael's Hospital by providing numerous education opportunities for technologists and technical assistants throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and to college students of dialysis technology related programs. We also provide basic dialysis technology training to home hemodialysis patients.

Clinical technicians design and develop research related to the testing of dialysis equipment to ensure performance and patient and physician satisfaction. Staff members representing dialysis technology sit on advisory boards and committees in the hospital. They also participate in programmatic strategic planning, accreditation and internal review processes when required.

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Renal Clinical Technology Department
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St. Michael's Hospital
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Toronto, Ontario
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Phone: 416-864-5920