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Residency Programs

Complete information about residencies is available through the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists.

There are many reasons to do your residency at St. Michael’s Hospital. We offer:

  • More than 50 years of experience providing education.
  • Excellent teaching hospital environment.
  • A supportive patient care environment.
  • A wide variety of elective rotations.
  • Strong links with the University of Toronto.

Pharmacy Practice Residency

St. Michael’s general pharmacy residency program is a 12-month accredited program designed to prepare candidates for hospital practice and leadership. The emphasis is on developing competency in the provision of pharmaceutical care at both the patient and system levels, as well as in teaching, leadership, research and project management. The resident will have opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in cutting-edge medication delivery and safety, pharmacy clinical informatics and interprofessional education. St. Michael’s teaching environment includes diverse patient populations, numerous advanced practice preceptors and electronic charting (for orders and documentation), and it provides multiple opportunities for interaction and collaboration with undergraduate and post-graduate students in pharmacy and other health disciplines. Structured evaluations are completed throughout the residency utilizing a competency-based framework. A certificate in Hospital Pharmacy Residency will be granted upon successful completion of the program.

Rotations include:

  • Foundations I (integrated exposure to medication systems, drug information, critical appraisal, evidence based medicine)
  • Foundations II (clinical direct patient care)
  • Direct patient care - Clinical rotations (one rotation in a surgical unit, plus two or three additional rotations selected from the following areas: general internal medicine, cardiology, respirology, critical care, infectious diseases, hematology/oncology, HIV or ambulatory care)
  • Administration/practice leadership
  • Research project
  • Teaching

Applicants must have a degree in pharmacy from an accredited Canadian or American school of pharmacy. Residents are selected via the CPRB residency matching service.

Applications and further information are available through the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists.

Please find attached an overview of St. Michael's Hospital and the pharmacy department, as well as more detailed information on the Pharmacy Practice Residency program:

Residency Open House - September 16, 2020

Critical Care/Cardiology Advanced Practice Residency

This 12-month program prepares graduates for successful careers as independent practitioners in critical care and cardiology practice. The program emphasizes learning and applying advanced therapeutic knowledge in the areas of critical care and cardiology. Rotations include MSICU, CVICU, infectious diseases and CCU.

Applicants must hold a PharmD or an M.Sc.Phm. degree from a faculty of pharmacy in which the curriculum meets the standards established by the AFPC or ACPE. Individuals with equivalent practice experience will also be considered. Completion of a pharmacy practice residency is preferred.

To find out more about the critical care/cardiology advanced practice residency, e-mail residency coordinator Heather Kertland at