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Mental Health and Addictions Service

Psychiatric Emergency Services

The Psychiatric Emergency Service (PES) provides crisis management and psychiatric assessment and treatment. Hospital components provide triage, comprehensive psychiatric and medical assessment in the Emergency Department. Community components the Community Mental Health Liaison Team (CMHLT) in partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

Emergency/Crisis Service

The Psychiatric Emergency Service, located in St. Michael’s Emergency Department, is available 24 hours per day for psychiatric assessments, triage, crisis intervention and stabilization of clients experiencing a mental health or addictions related crisis.

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Services offered

The Psychiatric Emergency Service clinicians can assist with:

  • Comprehensive mental health assessment;
  • Support, consultation, and education regarding crisis intervention, de-escalation, psychiatric emergencies, and suicide risk assessments
  • Addictions screening and risk assessment
  • Discharge and crisis planning,
  • Assistance with continuity of service delivery to clients with mental health and addictions issues
  • Referrals to the appropriate level of care including inpatient admission or referral to outpatient services and community resources

On-call Psychiatrist available for clinical consultation 24/7

Eligiblity criteria

No referral necessary to come to the St. Michael’s Emergency Department.  Adults 18 years and older suffering from a serious mental illness and/or experiencing a mental health / addictions related crisis.

How to access the service

Access to the Psychiatric Emergency Service/Crisis Team is by referral from the hospital Emergency Department. Upon arrival to the Emergency Department, the individual will be seen by the emergency nurses and doctors. When required, the emergency personnel will notify the crisis intervention service.

For further information please contact 416-864-5346

Community Mental Health Liaison Team (CMHLT)

Partnership program between St. Michael’s and the CAMH that provides community crisis case management services for up to nine weeks for mental health and addictions clients seen in the St. Michael's Hospital Emergency Department. 

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Services offered

Services include: community outreach, medication monitoring, help with basic needs, assistance with connection or reconnecting with health care and mental health care providers and programs, and counseling and support.

Eligibility criteria

Adults 18 years and older who have been seen by the Psychiatric Emergency Service at St. Michael’s Hospital

How to access the service

Referrals are through St. Michael’s Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Service