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Medical Daycare

Your team

At St. Michael’s Hospital, professionals from many different professions work together. This ensures that you get the best care and support possible. During your visits to the Medical Daycare, you may see many members of this team. Learn more about your team:

+ Medical oncologists, hematology oncologists & hematologists

These are doctors that focus on treating cancer with medicines. Hematologists treat cancers that affect the blood, lymph nodes, or bone marrow. You may meet with an oncologist or hematologist to discuss your chemotherapy or hormonal therapy options.

Medical oncologists

Dr. Rashida HaqDr. Ronita Lee Dr. Haider Samawi
Dr. Rashida Haq Dr. Ronita Lee Dr. Haider Samawi

Hematology oncologists

Dr. Lisa Hicks Dr. Martina Trinkaus
Dr. Lisa HicksDr. Martina Trinkaus

Medical hematologists

Dr. Jerry Teitel Dr. Michelle Sholzberg
Dr. Jerry TeitelDr. Michelle Sholzberg

Dr. Gloria Lim Dr. Eric Tseng
Dr. Eric TsengDr. Eric Tseng

      + Registered nurse

The nurses are specially trained to give you chemotherapy. They can help explain or answer any questions you have.

      + Nurse practitioner

The nurse practitioner in medical daycare assesses, monitors and evaluates patients and treatments provided to patients in the management of their condition. Patients are mostly seen in the clinic either for treatment or assessment, but telephone care is provided on an as-needed basis. The nurse practitioners work together with the doctor or most responsible provider as well as the team to provide the most best care results for our patients.

Non-clinic duties include the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and procedures that promote safe, efficient, research-backed patient care and services. The nurse practitioners provide support and education to our nurses, either through formal education sessions or during point of care patient interactions.

      + Pharmacist

Pharmacists working in the Medical Daycare Unit are familiar with any chemotherapy drugs you may be taking. They will meet with you to talk about the chemotherapy. They will also make sure you are getting the right medicine. You can also ask them about your other medicines.

      + Social worker

Social workers are an integral part of the health care team. They are dedicated to helping patients and families navigate the health care system, and manage the many challenges of living with a serious illness.

We recognize that a diagnosis like cancer, and its treatment, can impact all aspects of a person's life, from family and social relationships to work and finances.

Our social workers assess a person's individual needs and provide appropriate support. This may include short-term counseling, advocacy and linkage to community resources. Social workers also provide information and education about insurance, advance care planning, palliative care, family caregiver leave, transportation and support programs available in the community.

To contact a social worker in the Medical Daycare Unit, please call:

  • To contact Jessy Mathai, social worker, please call 416-864-6060 ext. 4027.
  • To contact Joanna Dixon, social worker, please call 416-864-6060 ext. 2436.

      + Registered dietitian

Cancer and cancer treatments can often cause a change in your eating habits. Registered dietitians are available to help you cope with any weight changes, eating issues, or special diets. They can suggest helpful nutritional supplements.

      + Drug access navigator

Drug access navigators are available to help you with any financial stress that results from your cancer diagnosis. For any drugs not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), the drug access navigator can help you look for other ways to help with the costs. Examples of this are compassionate care programs that will help pay for your medicines.

      + Aboriginal patient navigator

  • Leonard Benoit, RPN, CSW, Aboriginal patient navigator

The role of the Aboriginal patient navigator has been created by Cancer Care Ontario to meet the unique needs identified by the Aboriginal community. The Aboriginal patient navigator provides support and advocacy to First Nations, Inuit and Métis adult patients and their families accessing cancer services in the phases of screening, diagnosis, treatment, recovery/survivorship, palliative, end of life. This role provides a holistic approach in addressing the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cultural needs of patients and their families. He can be reached by phone at 416-864-6060 ext. 2422.

      + Spiritual care

Chaplains are available in the hospital at all hours to help you with any spiritual questions related to your illness. A member of our health care team can help contact the chaplain for you.

      + Clinical trials team

St. Michael’s Hospital’s health care professionals are involved in conducting cancer related research. Clinical trials are one type of research, used to test new cancer therapies. A clinical trial is a carefully supervised research study on people, which is done in a hospital or clinic setting before the release of a drug or treatment to the general public. Through clinical trials, researchers learn which treatments are more effective than others. In oncology, clinical trials may test the usefulness of new drugs, new approaches to surgery or radiation therapy, or new combinations of treatments. Some trials look at ways of preventing cancer, some at ways to detect cancer early, and some at ways to measure the quality of life in cancer patients.

The oncologists and others on the health care team may discuss the option of these research studies with patients during their treatment planning.

      + Clerical assistant

Clerical assistants are responsible for several administrative and clerical duties in the Medical Daycare Unit. Some of these duties include booking clinic appointments, registering patients, and scheduling follow up appointments.

      + Ambulatory Palliative Care Consultation Service

The Ambulatory Palliative Care Consultation Service is a part of your cancer care team and consists of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and social workers.

If you have non-urgent questions about your symptom management or if you need to rebook or change your appointment please call (416)-864-7171 and leave a message. You call will be returned within one business day.

      + Volunteer

There are several volunteers in Medical Daycare Unit and they provide assistance to patients in the clinic.