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Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Program


Hemophilia treatments in 2016: Helping you prepare for new options

Dr. Jerry Teitel, medical director of St. Michael's Hemophilia Program, introduces some of the new products that are being made available for hemophilia treatment, including: Kovaltry, Xyntha, Nuwiq and Eloctate, as well as upcoming treatments, Alprolix, Rixubis, N9-GP and Idelvion.

The video below will help patients make decisions about potentially switching treatments, along with the program's input.

Also, registered nurse Joanne Solarski explains the nursing and practical aspects of switching treatments.

Instructions on how to reconstitute products: Kovaltry, Eloctate, Xyntha and Nuwiq.

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      + Urgent treatment of bleeding in Hemophilia

For people with hemophilia, spontaneous or traumatic bleeding requires urgent treatment. However, since Hemophilia A and B are rare, many physicians aren’t familiar with the principles of managing bleeding disorders in emergency cases.

The Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Program at St. Michael's Hospital — Canada’s largest hemophilia treatment centre — has developed a video and an infographic as brief guides to assist family doctors, emergency physicians or any other clinicians who might be called upon to provide urgent care for a hemophilia patient with an acute bleeding event.

      + Bleeding disorders tool kit for clinicians

The Bott-Harrington Nursing Fellowship in Bleeding Disorders Learning Tool Kit is designed to assist nurses and allied health care professionals to acquire specialized knowledge about caring for patients with inherited bleeding disorders.

This comprehensive resource provides the learner with 10 modules covering topics including but not limited to comprehensive care in Canada, clinical manifestations and bleed assessments, home infusion program, and preparing for procedures. All modules aim to provide valuable knowledge that can be incorporated into daily practice.

      + Clinic newsletter: Clinic Notes

Thumbnail of Clinic Notes newsletterIssue 1 (256 kb pdf file)
  • Pharmacokinetic (PK) Studies
  • Recovery
  • Half life
Issue 2 (155 kb pdf file)
  • What is iron deficiency anemia
  • How to optimize oral iron therapy
  • Iron rich foods

Issue 3 (49 kb pdf file)

Infusion records

  • What they are
  • Why they are helpful
  • How to complete them accurately
  • How to submit them
  • What happens after you submit them

      + Clinic publications

In your own words: reflections on living with, or caring for someone with, hemophilia

View publication (1.5 MB pdf file)

Image of Prophylaxis & Arthropathy cover

Prophylaxis & Arthropathy

View publication (1.8 MB pdf file)

En francais (918 kb pdf file)

Image of Recognizing bleeds in hemophilia cover

Recognizing bleeds in hemophilia: a key step in maintaining healthy joints for life

View publication (4.2 MB pdf file)

En francais (4.1 MB pdf file)

Take control: transitioning to adult care - What should I know?

View publication (493 kb pdf file)


      + Bleeding disorders curriculum

This bleeding disorders curriculum has been created to provide an introduction to bleeding disorders for frontline health-care professionals in the hospital setting and is made up of three short parts: