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Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Program

Hemophilia 101 for emergency and acute care clinicians

The medical and nursing leaders of the Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Program of St. Michael's Hospital have developed resources for clinicians who might be called upon to provide urgent care for a hemophilia patient with an acute bleeding event. Both tools emphasize providing timely hemophilia treatment and not delaying treatment while waiting for lab or imaging results.

The first is a resource that hemophilia patients can keep on their phone and quickly share with a health-care provider who may not be familiar with treatment protocols for this rare disorder. This mobile-friendly digital infographic (and the desktop version) reinforces five key points in management of patients with hemophilia. Patients can download it to their smartphone (learn how) and have it available to share with clinicians who have little familiarity with hemophilia.

St. Michael’s also developed a video for acute care physicians, family doctors and other health-care providers in the urgent management of patients with hemophilia.

We hope that these resources and advice will improve hemophilia patients’ outcomes when they seek urgent care.