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Clinics & Inpatient Care Units

Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Program

Clinic information

What to bring

  • Ontario Health (OHIP) card, UHIP, Interim Federal Health papers (IFHB) or any other insurance coverage are needed at each visit
  • Written list of any questions you have
  • A list of all the pills that you take including vitamins and herbal remedies
  • If you have diabetes or low blood sugar, bring a snack
  • A book or magazine can help pass the time while you are waiting to be seen
  • If required please bring shorts to facilitate physiotherapy assessment

 What to expect at your visit

  • Register at front desk with a valid Ontario Health Card or any other coverage along with one other government issued identification card i.e. driver’s license
  • Meet with the hematologist and nurse
  • If required/needed you will also meet with a physiotherapist who will assist in your musculoskeletal assessment and/or social worker for counseling or social assistance
  • Blood is usually drawn at your clinic visit. It is not necessary to be fasting for this blood work
  • Leave at least two hours for your visit from check-in to check-out

Important information for homecare patients

  • Factor requests for homecare use may take up to three business days for processing. Patients should monitor their home inventory (and check before holidays) that they have adequate supplies. Please call Antonette at 416-864-6060 ext. 2579 to replenish your stock.
  • Homecare order with supplies takes a bit longer than 72 hours. Please ensure you order well in advance when you need supplies as well.
  • Treatment records (infusion records) can be submitted by mail, fax or email to the hemophilia clinic.