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General Internal Medicine

Clinics and Clinical Care

The General Internal Medicine Division at St. Michael’s Hospital currently operates four clinics:

General Internal Medicine Clinic (GIM clinic)

Patients are referred by health care professionals at St. Michael’s and physicians in the community; generally non-urgent issues. If a referral is felt to be urgent by our staff, the patient will be accommodated in the Rapid Referral Clinic or a cancellation spot within the GIM clinic.

Rapid Referral Clinic (RRC)

Patients referred by the Emergency Department, GIM staff and Family Health Teams at our hospital are seen within 72 hours.

Post Discharge Clinic (PDC)

Patients discharged from our inpatient service are referred by our staff for continued care within a week after discharge. This is usually a short visit to follow-up on results that were not available by the time of discharge. In some instances further testing is required as an out-patient and we will follow-up those tests.

Medical Consult Clinic (PAF)

Patients are referred by surgeons who are requesting medical consultations on complex patients prior to and/or after surgery. If a patient requires further work-up or management following their surgery and discharge they will be referred to the GIM clinic.

Triaging criteria

While we make an effort to accommodate all referrals, we will decline or make recommendations if -  

  1. patient has already been seen by several specialists for the same issue
  2. patient does not reside in our catchment area
  3. patient lives closer to another hospital or GIM clinic
  4. patient needs another specialist rather than internal medicine
  5. further testing may be required prior to being seen

For this reason, we would ask that patients not call us directly to book their appointment.

We will send appointments by fax to your office. If the referral is deemed urgent, patients will often be contacted directly to ensure their availability on short notice.