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Department of Family and Community Medicine and St. Michael’s Academic Family Health Team

Important information about system upgrades Jan. 27-31

We are upgrading our electronic medical record (EMR) system from January 27-31, 2021, inclusive. During this time our staff will NOT have full access to your electronic medical record. This means they will not have information regarding your medications, recent test results, and notes from other providers.

Because of this, we are limiting appointments during January 27-31, 2021, to URGENT same day appointments only.

If you have an URGENT ISSUE during this time, please call your clinic as you usually would and discuss your request with our phone staff. They will assist you in connecting with a nurse, doctor or nurse practitioner as needed.

If you have a NON-URGENT ISSUE, please hold your call until the week of Feb 1, 2021. While our system is down, you will not be able to book any future appointments and will be asked to call back after Feb 1st. To avoid longer wait times and the need to call back the following week, please only call January 27-31 if your concern needs to be addressed that day.

Our evening and weekend urgent care clinics as well as our after-hours care will continue to be available for urgent concerns that can't wait until the following day.

We ask that you avoid doing any NON-URGENT blood work or lab tests during the week of January 25-31, 2021. During our system upgrade we will not be able to receive results and this will help to ensure they are not missed. If you do have essential labs to do that week please call and let the team know you are doing them so we can look up your results.

Please ensure you check with your pharmacy prior to phoning about medication renewals. If there are urgent medication renewal needs we will have providers on-site who can assist with that.

Our updated EMR will provide us with improved performance to better take care of you, our patients.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.