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Department of Family and Community Medicine and St. Michael’s Academic Family Health Team

Information for providers

Members of our family health team


In partnership with the Ontario College of Family Physicians, our staff have developed an intensive training workshop, called Treating Poverty. The workshop allows participants to develop advanced knowledge and skills in social interventions in primary care.

Clinical tools

Poverty: A Clinical Tool For Primary Care Providers
Simple tool to guide primary care providers in screening for and intervening in poverty
Developed by Gary Bloch, in collaboration with the Centre for Effective Practice, St. Michael’s Hospital, and the Ontario College of Family Physicians.

A comprehensive guide to taking a social history, developed by Dr. Ritika Goel.

Our Family Health Team has also partnered with Prosper Canada to develop an online tool that screens individuals for low income and helps them access benefits they might not be receiving.


Canadian Family Physician series on Social Accountability, at the Micro, Meso, and Macro Levels (2016)
Co-authored by Dr. Ritika Goel

Ontario Medical Review Series: Income and Health (2013)
Co-authored by several SDOH committee members