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Developing Retaining Talent

Developing our nurses

picture of nurse with doctors We have a strong commitment to fostering professional growth for nurses as evidenced by:

  • Hospital and unit specific orientation programs
  • Our participation in the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) initiative New Graduate Guarantee Initiative
  • The number of scholarships and other financial assistance programs available to nurses pursuing further studies
  • The number of dedicated clinical education roles
  • The numerous educational initiatives and courses offered on-site

Orientation to St Michael’s

In addition to the Hospital’s general orientation, a one-day Corporate Nursing Orientation is provided to all nurses who are new to the organization or who are returning after extended absence. The purpose of Corporate Nursing Orientation is to introduce newly hired nurses to professional practice and clinical resources that complement further orientation within clinical programs and patient care units. Examples include respiratory therapy, pain management, pharmacy, IV therapy, infection prevention and control, wound care and others.

More in-depth orientation within clinical programs and patient care units is provided to:

  • Familiarize new staff with program/unit goals and routines, interdisciplinary team members, best practices, policies, protocols, directives, procedures and equipment within a specialty
  • Continually develop expert knowledge and skill in providing patient care
  • Authorize nurses to carry out specialized nursing skills specific to a patient care unit such as specialized clinical nursing assessment, monitoring and clinical skills.

Unit orientation may vary from two to three weeks. In Critical Care, Perioperative Services and Specialty Areas (such as Obstetrics, Hemodialysis, Medical Surgical Intensive Care, Emergency, Trauma/Neurosurgery) orientation varies from four to eight weeks. Orientation may be extended for new graduates.

Nursing Graduate Guarantee Initiative

The MOHLTC Nursing Graduate Guarantee Initiative at St. Michael’s Hospital provide new graduates and internationally educated nurses upon hire with opportunities for:

  • Extensive orientation
  • Preceptorship by an experienced nurse with clinical expertise in the chosen area
  • Acquiring new clinical knowledge and skills
  • Learning how to prioritize patient care needs and manage a workload

The goal is to promote the transfer of knowledge to new graduates and internationally educated nurses within an accountability framework focusing on the new graduate and internationally educated nurse’s professional growth and autonomy, which will lead to active participation as a member of the clinical team.

Nursing scholarships and financial assistance:

picture of nurse with doctors Eligible nurses at St. Michael’s have access to financial assistance for professional development and education in the form of:

  • Sister Christine Gaudet Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. S. Gordon Ross Memorial Fund
  • Tuition assistance program from Human Resources
  • Nursing Excellence Grant
  • Syron Nursing Fellowship Awards
  • Mehramat & Satwant Gill Nursing Scholarship Fund
  • Canadian Nursing Association (CNA) certificate reimbursement

Our RN performance appraisal process

Developing and enhancing employee skills are vital to making St. Michael's Hospital a great place to work. Having a standardized performance appraisal system for all registered nurses is one important step in this process.

The hospital's performance review tool for RNs is competency-based and has been designed to support the College of Nurses annual quality assurance requirements and is based on a model of self-reflective practice.

Along with maintaining the requirements for RN registration, the performance review process promotes learning and continuous professional development by helping RNs to:

  • Analyze their nursing practice
  • Reflect on where they are in terms of their own professional development
  • Receive meaningful feedback from their manager and peers about their performance
  • Create a learning plan to identify areas for growth not only to meet their professional standards but to achieve an expert level of practice