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Stories and media releases

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December 31 Pagers for patients at Hematology/Oncology Clinic
December 29 Plain packaging effective in reducing misperceptions of tobacco products among Australian Indigenous people: study
December 24 Spectre villain fails neuroanatomy in latest Bond film
December 24 St. Michael’s Hospital spreads Christmas cheer to Toronto Police officers at 51 Division
December 23 Q&A with Cheryl Proc
December 22 Largest study of Ebola survivors finds they commonly report vision, hearing, joint pain problems; suggest virus lives longer in certain body fluids
December 21 Trusted vascular technique offers patients with multiple traumas better chance of survival
December 17 Adult prescriptions for ADHD drugs more than doubled in five years, but access uneven across Canada
December 17 Hepatitis C prevention and control efforts should focus on incarcerated individuals, according to new study
December 16 Immigrant parents at lower risk of preterm birth than Canadian-born couples, new study finds
December 15 Seeing others through
December 15 St. Michael’s Food Services team, more than just in-patient meals
December 11 Using MRIs to predict kidney failure
December 10 Nurses and patients at St. Michael’s Hospital get an early Christmas surprise
December 9 St. Michael’s to hold clinics for Syrian refugees
December 8 How many, how much and how often: why medication reconciliation is important for our patients
December 7 Snuggle science launches in St. Michael’s NICU
December 4 iPad app gives a voice to MSICU patients with breathing tubes
December 2 Star gazing
November 30 Vital statistics data can help fill gap about prescription opioid-related deaths
November 30 Researchers say supervised injection facilities would be cost-effective in Toronto and Ottawa
November 27 St. Michael’s becomes a little more ‘royal’
November 26 St. Michael’s Emergency Department prescribes convenience with new pharmacy dispensing kiosk
November 24 Well Living House celebrates milestones, looks ahead to stronger future for Indigenous communities
November 24 Millions of women severely undernourished in low- and middle-income countries
November 19 Patients win as Ticket to Ward sets bar high
November 17 International delegates visit Family Practice clinics at St. Michael’s Hospital during Besrour Conference
November 13 Keeping transfusions flowing for trauma patients
November 11 Researchers call for investment in cancer control in low- and middle-income countries where most of the world’s cancer deaths occur
November 10 St. Michael’s opens second pediatric clinic in a Toronto school
November 10 Laser beam test identifies specific strain of bacterial infection
November 9 Little germs, big impact: Patients tell us why hand hygiene is so important
November 7 Improve defibrillator accessibility to save more lives: study
November 7 Cholesterol-lowering ‘portfolio diet’ also reduces blood pressure, study finds
November 5 St. Michael returns to the Bond Wing
November 4 Dr. Neeru Gupta honoured
November 1 Apgar score for newborns may be tool for predicting whether mother will become critically ill
November 1 Abdominal fat in early pregnancy can predict development of gestational diabetes
October 29 Sumac Creek Health Centre: a cut above
October 27 Dr. Peter Jüni will be new director of the AHRC
October 26 St. Michael’s urologist first in Canada to perform kidney autotransplant using robotic surgery
October 23 Nurse and researcher Dr. Lianne Jeffs inducted as Fellow into the American Academy of Nursing
October 22 Common shoulder dislocation can heal just as well without surgery: study
October 19 Study of pregnancy complications finds refugee women in Ontario have higher rates of HIV
October 15 Updated Pap smear test guidelines lead to decreased STI screening, study finds
October 13 Five minutes with Shirley Bell
October 6 Life After Trauma program first step towards recovery
October 2 High opioid use in older people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease raises safety concerns
October 1 New product and procedure help prevent dialysis complications
September 29 “Housing First” approach to finding housing for homeless people with mental illness has no significant impact on obesity
September 29 Falling TVs causing increasing number of severe neck and head injuries in children
September 28 While Canada screens all immigrants for TB, vast majority of cases come from a handful of countries, landmark 10-year study finds
September 24 Novel surgery offers new hope for breast cancer patients
September 21 Ontario shift to family health teams leads to improved diabetes care for patients, research finds
September 18 In-hospital nocturnal dialysis may be good for the heart
September 16 Study finds association between energy drinks and traumatic brain injury in teens
September 15 Minimizing exposure
September 14 Ability to develop relationships with patients and preceptors key to St. Michael’s Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship program
September 10 Fructose no worse than other carbohydrates: study
September 8 Is your child struggling to fall asleep? 6 tips to get your child on a sleep schedule for school
September 5 What vaccines are required for Ontario schoolchildren?
September 4 Volunteers help connect the dots in the Emergency Department
September 4 Q&A with Dr. Helena Frecker, our chief clinical fellow
September 4 5 tips on preparing healthy back-to-school breakfasts and lunches
September 4 Inexpensive drug saves blood and money: study
September 2 How to prepare kids with asthma or allergies for the school year
September 1 3 tips to avoid back pain as children head back to school
August 31 Inner-city neighbourhoods may affect risk of developing heart disease, research finds
August 26 No increase in adverse outcomes for elective day surgery when doctor worked night before: Ontario study
August 25 St. Michael’s clerical assistant engages people through illustration
August 20 Study finds association between people who have had a traumatic brain injury and ADHD
August 19 Healing the gap
August 17 Breastfeeding could reduce common infections among Indigenous infants, according to new study
August 14 Being diagnosed with diabetes late in life associated with higher risk of developing dementia, new study indicates
August 13 Study suggests Ontario nearing U.N. targets to help end AIDS epidemic
August 11 Go with the flow: Improving hospital navigation with St. Michael’s 3.0
August 7 New trial will test whether a medication can improve recovery after life-threatening traumatic brain injury
August 7 Patients benefit from innovative blood clot technology
August 5 Q&A with Drs. Judith Peranson and Danyaal Raza
July 31 St. Michael’s names chair in Inner City Health
July 30 St. Michael’s names chair in Inner City Health
July 30 Lucky number seven
July 28 The halls are alive, with the sound of students
July 24 Solving the mysteries of heart surgery
July 22 Another fantastic year for St. Michael’s Urban Angel Golf Classic
July 21 Helping providers help kids new to Canada
July 17 Study in mice may identify new ways to treat immune thrombocytopenia
July 15 “Housing First” approach can reduce alcohol-related problems among homeless people with mental illness, study finds
July 15 Does heart disease begin in childhood?
July 13 Let the games begin!
July 13 Young adults who survive cancer hospitalized more often than the general population even 20 years after cancer treatment ends
July 9 Twenty times as many migraine sufferers in Ontario could get some relief if the government broadened access to an effective group of drugs known as triptans
July 8 St. Michael’s Hospital to open family health team clinic in Regent Park
July 7 New study finds money spent on community-based HIV prevention programs translates into health-care treatment savings
July 6 Older patients with traumatic spinal cord injuries less likely to receive surgery compared with younger people
July 3 Study finds people over 65 with traumatic brain injuries are hospitalized almost four times as often as younger people
July 2 Sixty minutes of science
June 30 Q&A with Lee Ringer, clinical nurse specialist for seniors
June 26 Children who develop asthma in Toronto more likely to be born in neighbourhood with high levels of air pollution, study suggests
June 25 Medically complex patients with Type 2 diabetes have less heart disease, lower death rates if they see a specialist soon after diagnosis; healthier patients do well with family doctors
June 24 Choosing Wisely: Tackling unnecessary X-rays in the ICUs
June 22 Building a senior friendly hospital
June 18 Some common anti-nausea medications used post-operatively could increase patients’ arrhythmia risk
June 17 Dr. Stephen Hwang appointed new director of Centre for Research on Inner City Health
June 15 St. Michael’s protecting elderly patients at risk of harm
June 15 Lung transplant survival rates good for Canadians with cystic fibrosis
June 12 New animal research demonstrates the potential of ultrasonic gene delivery to treat cardiovascular diseases
June 5 When to stop driving, the age-old question
June 11 Making the Glycemic Index easier to use
June 5 Honouring the profound impact of living donors
June 5 Researchers targeting the host rather than the flu virus have success with new treatment tested in mice
June 3 Use of antipsychotic drugs in the elderly living in the community up 26 per cent
June 2 Home Dialysis Program celebrates 100th patient at home
June 1 Research highlights link between neighbourhood, community participation and partner violence
May 29 Doctors’ checklist could help decrease length of COPD patients’ hospital stay
May 25 ED doctors stress need for good communications with police
May 25 From constantly coughing to clearer lungs: a CF patient’s journey on a new treatment
May 22 CF Awareness Month: improving patients’ lives, one step at a time
May 16 Dr. Stephen Betschel was lead author of new Canadian guidelines for management of rare disease hereditary angioedema
May 15 Q&A with nurse practitioner Jean Wilson
May 14 Clinical consultants build on nursing experience for St. Michael’s 3.0
May 13 Nurses connect the dots between data and better patient care
May 8 Loud and clear: Teach-Back enriches nurse-patient communication
May 8 Telemedicine program at St. Michael’s eliminating barriers to care
May 7 Dr. Elizabeth Tullis of St. Michael’s Hospital appointed to Cystic Fibrosis Canada Chair in Adult Cystic Fibrosis Research
May 6 Before 11 a.m. discharge: These units know what time it is
May 5 Ontario adults who reported a traumatic brain injury also reported more road rage than people who did not have a TBI
April 29 A hot (and cold) new concept in pain management
April 27 St. Michael’s after dark
April 24 Patient receives Human Touch Award for volunteering his time at St. Michael’s
April 22 Papers identify effective and cost-effective treatments for complex wounds
April 21 Toward better outcomes for aboriginal cancer patients
April 17 Q&A with Inez McKenzie
April 17 St. Michael’s breaks ground on construction project, including 17-storey tower for critically ill patients and expanded Emergency Department
April 16 Proton pump inhibitors are associated with an increased risk of acute kidney failure and acute interstitial nephritis in older patients
April 15 Patient voice: What it’s like to wait in the ED
April 15 Does home care serve men and women equally?
April 14 Parents’ country of origin influences risk of stillbirth
April 13 St. Michael’s surgeon receives Canada Research Chair
April 13 Mental rehearsal helps ER clinicians best prepare for trauma patients
April 10 Going upstream to improve health
April 7 Resident wellness top of mind at St. Michael’s
April 1 St. Michael’s sets quality improvement priorities for 2015-16
March 31 'Gold standard' for pain relief after shoulder surgery may not be 24 karat
March 27 5 minutes with Dana Whitham
March 25 CELTIC to raise the profile of laboratory testing
March 23 Study may identify new cause of brain bleeds in fetuses and newborns
March 23 Greater wealth equals better health for most Canadian moms and their newborns
March 20 Q&A with Ann Leung
March 18 Study may explain low blood oxygen levels for cystic fibrosis patients with infected lungs
March 17 Ready, set, recycle
March 13 New drug trial puts possible stroke treatment in the hands of paramedics
March 12 Infection control forms the foundation of St. Michael’s redevelopment project
March 9 Making multiple sclerosis treatment personal
March 6 Oncologists praise gene expression profiling tests as a decision-making tool for women with early-stage breast cancer but also have significant reservations
February 6 Grant helps health care workers provide better breastfeeding support for new moms
March 4 New information desk saves time and energy
March 3 Homeless people with mental illness have more stable housing when given rent supplement and case management support
February 6 What’s good for the heart is good for the brain
February 27 Call me maybe? One step closer to home
February 25 One in every three women could potentially be spared chronic pain after breast cancer surgery
February 25 Improving inmate health can lead to better community health and safety
February 24 Filipino newcomers to Canada diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age and with more aggressive cancer, study finds
February 23 Homeless people with mental illness also have significantly higher 30-year risk of serious cardiovascular disease, research finds
February 23 Fast-tracking concussion care
February 19 Is health care too important to be left to health departments?
February 17 Getting the cold, hard facts
February 11 Stroke survivors more likely to make dangerous driving errors
February 11 Researchers find new therapy benefits stroke patients
February 11 Research finds 15-fold increase in newborn opioid withdrawal in Ontario; many born to mothers with legal opioid prescriptions
February 9 Newer than new
February 6 How health-care providers are reducing the risk of alcohol use and injury
February 5 Twenty-five per cent of homeless people surveyed in Toronto report vision problems
February 3 Racism linked to illness in Indigenous peoples in Canada
February 2 Combination of popular antibiotic and cardiac medication increases risk of sudden cardiac death in older patients
January 28 Bondfield Construction selected to build 17-storey patient care tower at St. Michael’s Hospital
January 28 Communication is key to Emergency Department success, new study says
January 27 St. Michael’s Hospital and Toronto Public Library launch Reach Out and Read program to promote childhood literacy; Jan. 27 Family Literacy Day
January 26 Study finds majority of homeless adults with mental illness have high rates of cognitive deficits
January 19 Taking two for the team
January 13 Two St. Michael’s physicians appointed to Order of Canada
January 13 Four ways to survive the cold snap
January 12 Newly appointed Applied Public Health Research Chair will address gaps in Indigenous health
January 7 Ryerson University-St. Michael's Hospital dietetics training partnership boon for Ontario's health-care system
January 6 Research paper says women in prison need and want treatment for physical and sexual abuse
January 5 St. Michael’s storeys: Building surgery 3.0