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Stories and media releases

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December 30 St. Michael’s discovers quality improvement through new business system
December 29 Leading NP practice in Ontario: Five minutes with Marnee Wilson
December 24 Paper by Dr. Prabhat Jha is among highest ever scored by the New England Journal of Medicine, according to Altmetric tracking firm
December 23 ‘July effect’ does not impact stroke outcomes, according to new study
December 23 Research finds greater risk of premature deaths in neighbourhoods with high concentrations of cheque-cashing places and alcohol outlets
December 17 St. Michael’s trauma survival among top in North America
December 16 Dr. Jenkins named 2014 winner of Bloomberg Manulife Prize
December 15 The holy gift volunteers deliver to patients
December 11 Recognizing elder abuse among our patients
December 11 iBEST will mean WE’re the best
December 11 Critical care researcher, Dr. Arthur Slutsky, named CIHR Health Researcher of the Year
December 11 One in six Ontario adults say they’ve had a traumatic brain injury in their lifetime
December 9 Dr. Lisa Hicks leads American Hematology Society’s second Choosing Wisely list questioning five common tests and treatments
December 5 Q&A with pathologist Dr. Cathy Streutker
December 4 Improving training and efficiency key for new training and simulation room
December 2 Survey shows that high school teachers are impressed with St. Michael’s co-op program
December 2 Keeping up with the pathogens: Dr. Kamran Khan launches social benefit corporation BlueDot to track global spread of infectious diseases, receives venture capital funding from Horizons Ventures
December 1 A STAR is born
December 1 World AIDS Day: Five minutes with Dr. Philip Berger
November 28 Novel treatment for Type 1 diabetes shown to work on human beta cells transplanted into mice
November 27 Canadian-educated doctors more likely to screen for cancer
November 26 Teens with a history of traumatic brain injury are nearly four times more likely to have used crystal meth, study finds
November 26 Nervous system may play bigger role in infections than previously known
November 26 Funny animation, featuring St. Michael’s: Why should I care about quality in health care?
November 25 New heart and lung machine reduces need for blood transfusions during open heart surgery
November 21 The power of an attorney
November 18 Legislation significantly decreased potentially inappropriate drug prescriptions
November 17 Doing things better without adding hours to the day
November 13 Canadians with cystic fibrosis living 20 years longer than they did two decades ago
November 12 St. Michael’s recognized for excellence in simulation-based learning
November 10 Birthweight measurement charts tailored to specific ethnic groups may be better predictor of adverse outcomes, researchers say
November 5 Fighting pneumonia in the TNICU
November 3 St. Michael’s seeking socio-demographic information from its patients to enhance care
October 29 St. Michael’s one of first hospitals in Canada to try 'Choosing Wisely' recommendations
October 27 Antimicrobial Stewardship Program helping to streamline antibiotic use in critically ill patients
October 23 Treating ill health might not be enough to help homeless people get off the streets, according to two-part series in The Lancet
October 22 Volunteer-led initiative helps patients select their daily meals
October 20 Controlling Ebola outbreak in West Africa most effective way to decrease international risk, paper says
October 20 Children who drink non-cow’s milk are twice as likely to have low vitamin D
October 19 St. Michael’s sets new Angel Ball gala record, raising $3.5 million
October 16 These hands were made for washing
October 14 The key to recovery
September 8 New generation of St. Michael’s physicians launches hospital’s first podcast
October 6 Q&A with Dr. Philip Berger
October 3 Canada urged to do more for eye health as chronic eye disease is on the rise
October 3 Canada’s leading equipment finance company donates $15 million to help build new patient care tower for critically ill patients at St. Michael’s Hospital
October 1 Long-acting insulin is safer, more effective for patients with Type 1 diabetes
September 30 Clinical trial finds virtual ward does not reduce hospital readmissions
September 30 Teenage boys and girls who’ve had a traumatic brain injury show different rates of harmful behaviour, study finds
September 30 Statin drugs safe but ineffective in the treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, research finds
September 25 A new innovative home for coronary care
September 23 From minutes to seconds: New mobile X-ray units are 120x faster
September 22 Involving female offenders in release planning can increase reintegration success
September 19 Premature deaths could be reduced by 40 per cent by 2030, researchers say
September 19 Peter Gilgan donates $30 million to St. Michael’s new patient care tower
September 18 St. Michael’s Titanium Club – membership has its privileges
September 17 New Education strategy and classrooms enhance learning opportunities at St. Michael’s
September 16 Patient-centred care focus of new Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Pilot
September 15 Implementing new care strategies can cut health care usage among system’s biggest users
September 12 St. Michael’s researchers receive nearly $10 million for brain research
September 12 High-dose opioid prescribing continues to climb
September 11 10 million and counting
September 8 Study examines discrimination among homeless adults in Toronto with mental illness
September 3 Patient and Family Learning Centre gets new home
September 2 Protein in plasma may one day change transfusions
September 2 TIFF program provides creative outlet for mental health inpatients
August 27 A prescription for better stroke care
August 26 Please, have a seat
August 22 Women with severe, chronic health issues are screened for breast cancer less often than healthier women
August 19 Interprovincial academia-industry partnership results in major funding
August 15 St. Michael’s stroke patients benefitting from My Stroke Passport resource guide
August 13 Q&A with Vasuki Paramalingam, organ and tissue donation co-ordinator
August 8 World Organization of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy recognizes St. Michael’s centre
August 7 St. Michael’s honours live kidney donor
August 7 Immigrants at lower risk of overdose or death from codeine prescriptions than people born in Canada, study finds
August 6 Respirology and Emergency Department patient feedback wanted
July 29 Palliative home care for the homeless
August 5 Eating more beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils can increase fullness and may help manage weight, study finds
July 30 New studies indicate benefits of eating tree nuts
July 29 Palliative home care for the homeless
July 28 New study aims to make personalized care a standard
July 25 Q & A with Terri Tessama, Marketeria
July 24 Inexpensive drug saves lives and trauma costs
July 23 Inexpensive drug has reduced expensive transfusions for hip replacements
July 21 Definitely a classic
July 21 Traumatic brain injury a health problem with serious impact for people in prisons
July 18 Using text to make CT scans safer
July 14 Testosterone replacement therapy among elderly men has more than tripled
July 16 'The whole hospital was involved'
July 14 Bonuses for doctors do little to improve cancer screening in Ontario
July 14 Babies born in Canada to immigrant mothers have lower risk of cerebral palsy, new study finds
July 10 Urban Aboriginal people face unique health challenges
July 9 Terrence Donnelly named a member of the Order of Canada
July 8 Researchers create 'black box' for use in operating rooms
July 7 St. Michael’s investigators score big
July 7 One out of eight deaths among young adults is related to opioid use: study
July 4 Unblock my heart
June 30 Father’s ethnic background influences birthweight, study finds
June 27 New workshop provides fresh approach to palliative care
June 26 Foreign-trained physicians frustrated at lack of residency positions, “brain waste,” when they move to higher-income countries, new study finds
June 26 Research says TB infection may be underestimated among people taking corticosteroid pills
June 26 Men and women use mental health services differently
June 25 Meeting the end-of-life needs of the homeless and vulnerably housed: Taking palliative care to where patients are
June 25 Aging with HIV and AIDS: A growing social issue
June 25 New research shows link unlikely between insomnia symptoms and high blood pressure
June 24 Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose visits St. Michael’s
June 24 New MSICU to feature more space for families
June 19 Dr. Mike Evans appointed inaugural Chair in Patient Engagement in Child Nutrition at the University of Toronto
June 17 Barriers to obtaining gene expression profiling tests heightened their perceived value among patients, new study says
June 14 Research suggests benefits of canola oil for people with Type 2 diabetes
June 5 Diabetes care depends on how your doctor is paid
June 3 Dr. Prabhat Jha receives WHO World No Tobacco Day Award
June 2 St. Michael’s clinical trial tests possible HIV prevention drug
May 29 Poker and marketing strategies might help doctors think better
May 28 St. Michael’s and Ryerson hit the road to drive neuroscience research
May 26 New anesthesia machines placing patients at the centre of their care
May 23 Residents reach to infinity and beyond at this year’s Higgins Day
May 22 Low-carb vegan diet may reduce heart disease risk and weight
May 21 Help guide St. Michaels future: Strategic Plan 2015-18
May 21 St. Michael’s Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute part of Doors Open Toronto
May 21 Gambling history is common among homeless people in Toronto, new study
May 20 Reducing residents’ work hours may have unintended consequences; may require longer residency period or move to competency-based training
May 19 St. Michael’s and Ryerson hit the road to drive neuroscience research
May 19 New anesthesia machines placing patients at the centre of their care
May 15 Cancer control conference is a meeting of the minds
May 15 Patients should have a say in setting research priorities, new paper says
May 15 Q&A: Daniel Vaillancourt, triage nurse, Emergency Department
May 14 Most common genetic heart valve abnormality associated with risk of aneurysm
May 14 St. Michael’s nurse helps patients through transitions in care
May 13 The patient will see you now
May 12 Merging two orthopedic inpatient units into one with St. Michael’s 3.0
May 8 Important: TTC road closures around the hospital
May 7 More help for individuals experiencing mental health crises in Toronto
May 7 Knees get no respect
May 5 St. Michael’s is top hospital in Early Researcher Awards
May 5 Few children receive dental care before recommended age of 1 year; new study says those who need care most are least likely to get it
May 2 New findings challenge old notions of cerebral aneurysm development
May 2 Dr. Patricia O’Campo appointed hospital’s first term Chair in Intersectoral Solutions to Urban Health Problems
May 2 St. Michael’s mourns the death of longtime supporter and donor Pat Keenan
May 1 Doctor’s orders: a prescription for income security
May 1 Patient blood management takes patience
May 1 Environmental Services rolls out shift-to-shift communication
May 1 St. Michael’s adds another world first
April 30 Surgeons and health care settings influence type of breast cancer surgery women undergo
April 28 Treat homelessness first, everything else later: study
April 28 Breast cancer patients place huge emphasis on gene expression profiling test when making chemotherapy decisions, but many do not fully understand test
April 25 Study finds almost half of homeless men had traumatic brain injury in their lifetime, vast majority before they lost their homes
April 24 Pregnancy complications may be more common in immigrants from certain regions
April 21 St. Michael’s captures competitive leadership award
April 17 New cardiac arrest research -- adrenaline does little to increase survival
April 17 Canadians support screening newborns for specific genetic conditions, but less enthusiastic about sequencing newborns’ genomes
April 17 Study finds adverse respiratory outcomes for older people with COPD taking benzodiazepines
April 15 Teenagers who have had a concussion also have higher rates of suicide attempts, being bullied and high-risk behavior, study finds
April 15 Dr. Shelley Boyd to open Canada’s first dry age-related macular degeneration clinic at St. Michael’s
April 15 Changes to guidelines for pregnancy drug suggested
April 7 Daily serving of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils can significantly reduce bad cholesterol
April 7 Neighbourhood planning, ethnic backgrounds play significant roles in Peel’s high diabetes rates
April 4 St. Michael’s KT team asked to help implement WHO maternal guidelines
April 3 New nurses and students benefit from preceptor program
April 2 CIBC Breast Centre benefitting from more structured model of care in its clinic
April 1 Environmental Services first department to raise funds for St. Michael’s 3.0
March 28 Underweight people at as high risk of dying as obese people, new study finds
March 27 Gift shop donation improves comfort for hemodialysis patients
March 25 Strictly limiting hours surgical residents can work has not improved patient safety and may impede their training, study says
March 25 Bariatric surgery: Changing lives by improving health
March 24 The Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation donates $5 million for new respirology unit
March 21 Homeless people who have suffered traumatic brain injury more likely to visit Emergency Department or to be arrested or assaulted, new study finds
March 14 St. Michael's welcomes new Inner City Health program director
March 11 New anesthetic technique improves quality of recovery for women having breast cancer surgery
March 10 St. Michael’s storeys: building hematology 3.0
March 10 Pre-admission facility to get new home
March 10 Brainstorming in Dr. Andrew Baker’s lab
March 7 Parents can spring ahead to help kids with daylight saving time
March 7 After years of improving, rates of youth suicide-related behaviours stopped declining
March 5 A passport to pregnancy
March 4 CAHO celebrates ARTIC at St. Michael’s
March 3 Small steps lead to a faster recovery for colorectal surgery patients
February 28 Q&A: Patricia Daniels, case manager, Catheterization Laboratory
February 26 Toronto researchers adapt World Health Organization tool to measure the health and well-being of the city’s neighbourhoods
February 26 Research shows fructose itself not responsible for increase in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
February 24 St. Michael’s Dr. Samir Gupta part of the team awarded a national network grant for chronic respiratory disease research
February 21 ‘Carrot and stick’ approach puts heart patients in control
February 19 Research project finds residents who moved directly from old housing to new housing at Regent Park feel safer, more connected to the community
February 18 Government implements St. Michael’s research on use of blood glucose test strips
February 10 St. Michael’s family shines at the Olympics
February 10 Researchers call for more study into impact of repetitive heading in soccer
February 6 St. Michael’s Neurologist part of group that wrote American Heart Association guidelines for preventing strokes in women
February 5 St. Michael’s doctor lands in Sochi
February 4 Q&A: June Son, chaplain, Spiritual Care
January 31 New study finds no reason to replace fructose with glucose
January 28 St. Michael’s nurse helps patients butt out
January 24 St. Michael’s home to Canada’s first-ever Human Eye Biobank for Research
January 21 Large amounts of folic acid shown to promote growth of breast cancer in rats
January 20 NHL teams pay more than $650 million to injured players over three years: Concussions the most expensive
January 17 Muhammad Mamdani recipient of $1 million Dorothy Pitts chair
January 15 Children from low-income families need free dental care
January 15 Living in densely populated neighbourhoods can actually decrease risk of diabetes and obesity
January 15 Parental leave policies best promote gender equity and well-being in women’s health, research finds
January 14 Diabetes research gets a high tech boost
January 14 Giving the flu a dose of its own medicine
January 13 St. Michael’s involves physicians, staff in funding action plans
January 8 1,200 days and counting
January 1 Tripling tobacco taxes worldwide would avoid 200 million tobacco deaths