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Stories and media releases

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December 27 Studying genes to detect kidney and prostate cancer
December 27 Searching for new treatments for diabetic kidney disease
December 27 Breathing new life into lung disease
December 27 Spotlight on St. Michael’s basic science research: understanding disease and how we can treat it
December 24 St. Michael’s cardiologist involved in trial for oral anticoagulant for stroke prevention in people with atrial fibrillation
December 19 Dr. Neeru Gupta first Canadian to be nominated to American Academy of Ophthalmology leadership program
December 17 Extra years of life becoming cheaper for kids but not adults, research suggests
December 17 People with HIV in Ontario hospitalized less often, but disparities exist
December 17 Two cups of milk a day ideal for children’s health, new research shows
December 13 Study finds less partner abuse, substance abuse and post-partum depression among married women
December 13 St. Michael’s home to world’s first international database of clinical trials on subarachnoid hemorrhage
December 13 Extra years of life becoming cheaper for kids but not adults, research suggests
December 11 Emergency Department of the not-too-distant future
December 6 Rapid eye movements significantly delayed in people with glaucoma, study finds
December 5 Researchers identify proteins that indicate which kidney tumours are most likely to spread
December 4 St. Michael’s psychologist receives $1.5 million in federal funds from CIHR for HIV/AIDS research across Canada
December 3 St. Michael’s physician led clinical trials of new cystic fibrosis drug approved by Health Canada
December 3 Study spells out hat trick for making hockey safer
November 30 New study finds what makes a good mentor and mentee, suggests strategies for a workplace “no-fault divorce”
November 28 Babies born to mothers from the Philippines significantly smaller than those of Canadian-born women, study finds
November 23 Tony Arrell recognized with prestigious volunteer award
November 22 Michener Institute honours St. Michael’s Hospital’s interprofessional education program
November 21 Kidney tumours have a mind of their own
November 19 Dr. Vladimir Vuksan recipient of Korean science award
November 13 First-of-its-kind program improves outcomes for seniors admitted for trauma at St. Michael’s Hospital
November 12 Director of St. Michael’s Research Ethics Office testifies at Senate committee looking into clinical trials
November 6 St. Michael’s physician-researcher appears before Senate committee
November 5 Centre for Faculty Development celebrates 10-year anniversary
October 31 Premier visits St. Michael’s to announce improvement in emergency department wait times
October 26 Study finds streetcar tracks blamed in one-third of Toronto bike accidents
October 25 Ghost of Sister Vinnie a soothing sight
October 24 St. Michael’s joins Toronto Dementia Research Alliance
October 24 Research findings breathe new life into lung disease
October 23 Health minister visits St. Michael’s to announce cancer screening program
October 22 St. Michael’s celebrates National Respiratory Therapy Week
October 22 A cup of beans a day has health benefits, new research shows
October 22 Mortality rates significantly higher if both mother and newborn admitted to ICU
October 19 Respirology and Martin Family Centre see success meeting key targets
October 15 Wearing a helmet significantly reduces death from head injury for cyclists: report
October 12 Life of a resident at St. Michael’s exposed
October 2 St. Michael’s hosts international endoscopy conference
September 27 General surgeons like to help patients but frustrated by lack of control over resources and work-life balance: study
September 17 Risk of developing diabetes higher in neighbourhoods that aren’t walk-friendly: study
September 13 St. Michael’s scientists helped to develop new oral drug approved by FDA that reduces relapses in multiple sclerosis patients
September 13 St. Michael’s to create centre for patient blood management
September 13 World Sepsis Day aims to raise awareness for an overlooked health issue
September 10 Researchers one step closer to understanding actions of cells involved in atherosclerosis, the leading cause of death in Canada
September 6 St. Michael’s Hospital creating psychiatric education, awareness program for athletes with concussions; details to be discussed at conference Saturday
September 4 St. Michael’s Hospital to hold conference on hockey concussions
August 20 Study suggests change in guidelines for elective surgery for people with some kinds of stents
August 13 Research suggests links between universal drug coverage and reduction in deaths from diabetes
August 10 Regions vary in paying prisoners to participate in research
August 9 St. Michael’s opens one of world’s most advanced zebrafish labs
July 27 Provinces call St. Michael’s Hospital Academic Family Health Team a model for team-based care
July 27 Study finds gaps in services for heterosexual men with HIV
July 24 Research sheds new light on common bleeding disorder
July 4 Surgical residents perform better when trained in simulated environment: Research
June 29 Professor Prabhat Jha, global health researcher, appointed to Order of Canada
June 29 CN Tower, Niagara falls light up to highlight hereditary blood vessel disease
June 26 Provinces could save millions in prescription drug costs, new research finds
June 25 Smallest and largest fetuses at greater risk of being stillborn, research finds
June 22 St. Michael’s celebrates completion of largest academic family health team in Ontario
June 22 Research: many programs to help diabetics manage their health do work
June 21 New evidence in fructose debate: Could it be healthy for us?
June 15 Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute a runner up in PUG Awards for architecture
June 14 Certain placental complications during pregnancy predict increased risk for heart problems: study
June 12 St. Michael’s physician receives $700,000 FedDev grant to study new treatments to prevent brain injury complications
June 8 Research: Car crash victims more likely to survive if taken directly to a trauma centre
June 6 New volunteer program focuses on seniors
June 4 Richest and poorest people in Toronto hospitalized for different reasons, researchers find
May 23 St. Michael’s Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute participating in Doors Open Toronto
May 22 Dr. Arthur Slutsky, vice-president of research at St. Michael’s, receives prestigious lifetime award
May 16 Infrastructure Ontario selects planning and design team for Queen/Victoria redevelopment project
May 10 New outreach program encourages high school students to become ambassadors for organ donation
April 27 Watch Dr. Kamran Khan on BBC World News Horizons
April 24 Study: Some ophthalmologists charge up to eight times more for lenses inserted during most common eye procedure in Ontario
April 16 Study: Significantly more boys born to Indian mothers in Canada than to Canadian-born mothers
April 13 Study finds ethnicity increases risk of preeclampsia
April 11 Researchers say supervised consumption facilities would improve health of people who use drugs in Ottawa and Toronto
April 2 Study finds doctors have exaggerated fears when starting patients on insulin
March 26 St. Michael’s researchers do well in CIHR fall round of grants
March 15 Mental health important piece of concussion puzzle
March 13 St. Michael’s doctor uses wiki to empower patients and help them to develop asthma action plans
March 12 Prescribing opioids for pain after short-stay surgery appears associated with long-term use
March 7 March is Nutrition Month: St. Michael’s Hospital receives new MRI to be devoted to nutrition centre
March 1 Lieff honoured for outstanding contribution to faculty development
February 28 Authors of women’s health report develop 10-point Health Equity Road Map
February 21 Is fructose being blamed for the obesity epidemic when the real problem is we just ingest too many calories?
February 15 St. Michael’s researchers say many babies born to immigrants are being labeled too small incorrectly
February 13 Prolonged fructose intake not linked to rise in blood pressure: study
February 10 St. Michael’s and King Saud receive first joint patent
February 9 St. Michael’s-based researchers take part in new studies evaluating CPR and drugs after sudden cardiac arrest
January 25 Physician, three St. Michael’s board members appointed to Order of Ontario
January 19 Study finds delirium after stroke linked to poorer outcomes for patients
January 13 Canadian led research team develop new model to anticipate disease outbreaks at 2012 Olympics
January 12 First detailed data showing risk of using Rasilez in combination with certain blood pressure-lowering drugs
January 10 New findings by St. Michael’s researchers lead to a test and therapy for kidney failure caused by E. coli
January 6 Where you live in Toronto can increase your risk for cardiac arrest: study
January 1 St. Michael’s Irfan Dhalla one to watch in 2012: Toronto Star