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June 27

Students’ brain injuries from sports, falls demand ‘wake-up call’
Gabriela Ilie and Dr. Michael Cusimano are interviewed
CBC News - National TV

The prevalence of traumatic brain injuries such as concussions among students points to a silent epidemic that demands a wake-up call from parents, coaches and other adults, Canadian neurosurgeons and psychologists say.

Changes needed to reduce fatigue of Canada’s medical residents
Dr. Najma Ahmed is interviewed
CTV News

For doctors-in-training, long hours and a lack of sleep have long been considered rites of passage into the world of medicine. Now, in the largest Canadian study of its kind, researchers have found the gruelling schedules of medical residents can pose a major risk to their health.

June 17

Kids with poor eating habits at risk for disease: study
Study by Dr. Nav Persaud
CTV News

A new study suggests it's not just about what you eat, but where you eat when it comes to eating healthy. Pauline Chan explains.

June 9

Walk the dog, pet the cat --- it’s good for your heart
Dr. Chi-Ming Chow is interviewed
CBC News

Pet owners may enjoy health benefits such as lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels from walking a dog or stroking a cat, cardiologists say. The American Heart Association has reviewed medical studies and concluded that pet owners may have a reduced risk of heart disease.

June 4

Study finds taking probiotics has benefits for patients in hospitals
Research by Dr. Reena Pattani
CTV News

Dr. Reena Pattani led a literature review that looked at the effectiveness of probiotics, live bacteria that can take up residence in digestive tracts, in treating common side effects of antibiotics, such as antibiotic-associated diarrhea and life-threatening side effects such as Clostridium difficile infection.

May 30

Hospital waste can be reduced, even recylced, Ontario researcher says
How-Yune (Howie) Chong quoted
Toronto Star

Hospitals produce a significant amount of waste per operation and a group of Western University researchers thinks it is possible to trade old operating room habits for ‘greener’ horizons while protecting patients.

May 28

Do health apps help or harm?
Dr. Mike Evans interviewed
Global Toronto

Health apps can help you track calories, activity, even sleeping patterns. What’s cool, what works and what you should know. Beatrice Politi reports.

May 3

Preparing for a pandemic
Dr. Simon Abrahamson quoted and Trauma Transport Day featured
CTV News

St. Michael's Hospital is putting young doctors through the most realistic training possible.

May 2

Cardiac arrest 'hot spots' in Toronto mapped by researchers
Research by Dr. Timothy Chan
The Toronto Star

When someone suffers cardiac arrest, speed matters. But defibrillators in public places in Toronto are not in the best locations to help cardiac arrest victims, a new study has found.

Hands-only CPR may not be enough
Research by Dr. Aaron Orkin
The Globe and Mail

Hands-only CPR may not be ideal for saving people who have suffered cardiac arrest in a remote area, or if it takes a long time for an ambulance to arrive, a new study warns.

Brink of a breakthrough? Scientists might be close to cure for AIDS
Dr. Gordon Arbess interviewed
CTV Toronto

A Danish research team is hopeful their work could one day lead to an affordable and easily distributed cure for AIDS.

Toronto at back of pack in organ donor registration
Dr. Bob Howard quoted
Toronto Sun

Toronto residents are among the stingiest when it comes to giving the gift of life.

April 26

Meditation programs teach how to battle pain with brain power
Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix featured
CTV News

Doctors in Ontario are taking a new approach in the battle against chronic pain, ditching the prescription pad and teaching sufferers how to harness the healing power of the mind.

April 23

Child pushes hospitals to recycle
CTV News

A school is celebrating a young student who pushed hospitals to recycle Styrofoam for Earth Day. Pauline Chan reports.

March 28

Kids' brain injury study shows sports rules poorly enforced
Research by Dr. Michael Cusimano
CBC National News

Protecting children playing hockey, soccer, football, basketball and baseball from serious brain injuries could take simple solutions like padding goal posts and enforcing existing rules, a Canadian study suggests.

March 1

Brain drain: Talking on cell while turning left may be risky, neuroimaging shows
Research by Dr. Tom Schweizer
The Canadian Press

Drivers who talk on a cellphone — even one that's hands-free — while executing a left-hand turn at an intersection could be putting themselves at serious risk, say neuroscientists who imaged the brain to see how it copes with competing tasks.

Feb. 26

Doctors appear more likely to take on wealthier patients, study finds
Research by Dr. Stephen Hwang
The Toronto Star (front page)

Family physicians’ offices appear to be discriminating against the poor, a Toronto study concludes, after finding they are more willing to take on people of higher socioeconomic status as new patients.

Feb. 15

Where this family of volunteers help, death is a constant visitor
St. Michael's palliative care volunteers featured
The Globe and Mail

They’re cheery, outgoing and they poke fun at each other as often as they can. They are not a family in a traditional sense, but a family of volunteers, brought closer by the nature of their work. Where they help, death is a constant visitor.

Feb. 14

Regent Park revitalization project lowered anxiety in residents’ health: report
Research by Dr. Jim Dunn
CBC - Metro Morning

Residents who moved back into the Regent Park neighbourhood following revitalization projects are happier with their community and have improved levels of personal safety, a new study suggests.

Feb. 1

St. Michael’s Hospital appoints Dr. Stephen Hwang inaugural chair in homelessness, housing and health
The Toronto Star

St. Michael’s Hospital has appointed renowned inner-city health expert Dr. Stephen Hwang as its inaugural chair in homelessness, housing and health.

Jan. 23

Quitting cigarettes before 40 markedly boosts life expectancy, study finds
Research by Dr. Prabhat Jha
The Toronto Star - Front Page, embedded video in online edition

Longevity wise, it’s almost like you never took a drag. Butting out permanently before age 40 can restore the life expectancies of smokers to virtually normal lengths, shows a new study out of Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital.

Jan. 21

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Ontario Hospital Insiders
Dr. Bob Howard on The Agenda with Steve Paikin
The Agenda on TVO

They are the heads of four of Ontario's largest hospitals: University Health Network, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, The Hospital for Sick Children and St. Michael's Hospital. They sit down with Steve Paikin to detail how they handle the toughest decisions in healthcare.

Homeless Health Care: Helping People On Street Challenging, But Worthwhile For Doctors
Dr. Stephen Hwang and Frank Fournier featured
The Huffington Post - The Canadian Press

It's about 9:30 on an icy-cold January morning, and Dr. Stephen Hwang is greeting his first patient of the day at Seaton House, a 434-bed shelter for homeless men on a quiet street in downtown Toronto.

Jan. 8

Ontario diabetics get fewer eye exams after delisting
Research by Dr. Tara Kiran
The Toronto Star

Adults with diabetes are receiving fewer publicly funded eye exams due to the government’s delisting of the assessment, a new study suggests.

Jan. 5

Toronto program focuses on pregnant HIV-positive women
The Positive Pregnancy Programme and Dr. Mark Yudin and Jay MacGillivray featured
The Globe and Mail

It was after dark about two years ago when midwife Jay MacGillivray got a phone call from staff at St. Michael’s Hospital, where she works, asking her to help care for an HIV-positive patient who had just arrived and was in labour.

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