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2012 archive

Sept. 23

No room for mistakes
Dr. Najma Ahmed and the Allan Waters Family Simulation Centre featured
CBC National News

The National features a trauma scenario in the simulation centre.

Sept. 14

Alternatives to blood transfusion
Research by Dr. John Freedman and Dr. Katerina Pavenski
CTV News

Doctors are finding better alternatives to blood-transfusion treatments

July 10

Simulation laboratory helps train surgeons-to-be
Drs. Teodor Grantcharov and Vanessa Palter are featured
CTV News

It's a pivotal event that comes in the education of all would-be surgeons. At some point, medical students who plan to make a career of opening up and fixing other human beings have to make that first cut.

July 2

Hospital food lacks proper nutrition
Heather Fletcher and the food services team are featured
CBC Radio

Hospital food is often criticized for being unappetizing, but dietitians say the processed meals also lack proper nutrition for recovering patients.

June 30

Dr. Prabhat Jha, global health researcher, appointed to Order of Canada

Dr. Prabhat Jha, head of the Centre for Global Health Research at St. Michael's Hospital, has been appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada, one of the country's highest civilian honours.

June 29

Filling the nutrition needs for kids on summer holidays
Dr. Jonathon Maguire is quoted
CBC National News

Summer holidays for students brings an end to breakfast and lunch programs at schools but a company and network of food banks across Canada are stepping in to fill kids' mouths and nutritional gaps.

June 28

Smallest, Largest Foetuses at Higher Risk of Stillbirth
Research by Dr. Joel Ray
The Toronto Star

The tiniest and the heaviest fetuses have a higher risk of being stillborn, according to a population study of all Ontario births between 2002 and 2007.

June 6

Eaton Centre shooting close to home for hospital staff
Nicole Bekker, RN, Dr. Doug Sinclair and Dr. Martin Horak quoted, St. Michael's Hospital profiled
The Globe and Mail

Nicole Bekker spent her lunch break a few minutes away from work on Saturday, eating a salad at Toronto's Eaton Centre on what had been a calm day in the emergency department at St. Michael's Hospital. Less than six hours later, the nurse was on the medical team working to stabilize a victim who was struck by a bullet in the same food court.

June 5

Toronto study shows hospital treatment tied to income level
Research by Dr. Rick Glazier
Toronto Star

Depending on whether you are a wealthy Torontonian or a low-income resident, you may be admitted to hospital for a different reason, new research suggests.

Done in the sun
Dr. Michael Cusimano quoted
Toronto Sun

For Canadians who love the heat, this is the summer you've been waiting for -- days and nights full of higher than normal temperatures, according to a recent report released by AccuWeather Canada. But your summer bliss may be short-lived if too many days are spoiled by bugs, blisters and barbecues gone wrong. So like the Boy Scouts say, be prepared.

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