Pre-admission facility to get new home

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Pre-admission facility to get new home

Toronto, March 10, 2014

By Kendra Stephenson

The pre-admission facility, where patients receive weeks-in-advance surgery preparation to avoid cancellations or delays, will have an updated and more accessible home in St. Michael’s 3.0.

The space will feature upgraded technology for patient flow such as digital charting and a dedicated education room for daily patient teaching and monthly staff in-services.

“The new facility will address the biggest challenges in our current area such as accessibility, equipment and storage,” said Mary Purdon, the PAF resource leader. “However, it was also important that the space reflect the ‘one-stop-shopping’ format we’ve developed for the facility, housing all pre-surgery services under one roof.”

The PAF’s central approach to perioperative care enhances patient and family experiences by uniting all the pre-admission services in one physical area, from pre- and post-op education to anesthesia and all testing. To receive the pre-admission services, patients can attend up to 35 days prior to their scheduled procedure, not only having important medical testing but also helpful education such as when to stop medications and what to expect after surgery.

There are about 30 staff including RNs, general practitioners, ECG and lab technicians, pharmacists and clerical staff.

“Being involved in the planning process from day one has really allowed us to make the new space our own,” said Purdon, who is also a nurse. “We know the needs and challenges of the day-to-day, so we’ve been able to advocate for our patients and staff to help plan the best possible facility for everyone.”

Purdon and her team put together a wish list when they were asked for input on the space, focused around themes to improve wheelchair and bariatric accessibility, patient education and experience, organization and storage, as well as upgraded technology and equipment.

“Not only does the PAF prepare a patient for surgery on the medical side, we also offer emotional support by answering questions and easing stress,” said Purdon. “Our ultimate goal is for every patient to leave the facility with as little anxiety as possible – the new space will just make it a little bit easier to achieve that goal.”

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