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Directory of Records

The directory of records is a listing of the types of records held and maintained by St. Michael’s hospital. Record holdings are classified by category and include a description of record types.

Category Description
Capital Projects Records relating to the planning, construction and commissioning of new, expanded and renovated hospital facilities.
Clinical Programs Records relating to the management and delivery of health-care services and resources provided by the hospital to patients and to the broader community.
Finance Records relating to financial management functions, including accounting transactions, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, financial reporting and accompanying documentation. These records may include requisitions, deposit control reports, direct payments and bank transfers, records relating to employee expenses, purchase orders and purchase cards.
Human Resources Records relating to the management of hospital employees, volunteers, students, physicians and residents.
Information Management & Information Technology Records relating to the maintenance, development and management of the hospital's information assets and information technology.
Procurement Records relating to the hospital's procurement processes. Records may include documents relating to procurement development, vendor evaluations and contract management.
Communications & Public Affairs Records relating to maintaining and enhancing the hospital's reputation, developing internal and external relations, and disseminating information.
Facilities and Property Records relating to the management of the hospital’s facilities and real property.
Equipment and Supplies Records relating to the management of the hospital’s movable property and supplies.
Teaching & Learning Records relating to the provision of instruction and the operation of academic programs.
Research Records relating to the development of knowledge that provides insight into clinical and scientific issues affecting health.
Clinical Support Services Records relating to the management and delivery of clinical support services including laboratories, diagnostic imaging and pharmacy.
Executive Offices Records relating to the administrative management within the executive offices.