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FitzGerald Academy


The facilities at St. Michael's reflect the hospital's core businesses in education, research, and patient care. The main hospital site is linked symbolically by a striking glass and steel pedestrian bridge to the Keenan Research Centre and Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre. In this combined facility known as the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, members of the FitzGerald academy will find a number of educational facilities.

Student Centre

An excellent student experience is a key component within education at St. Michael's, and the Student Centre is a prime example of this commitment in action. Located on the fifth floor of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, the Centre addresses the administrative, security, professional and orientation needs of all students based at St. Michael's. More than a common physical space, the Centre also offers interdisciplinary programs that increase the opportunity for FitzGerald members to engage with and learn from students in other disciplines. The Centre's strategic focus on interprofessional education prepares FitzGerald students for the future collaboration necessary for seamless health care delivery.

Scotiabank Health Sciences Library

For many students, the library is their home away from home. The Scotiabank Health Sciences Library is a dedicated resource in recognition of this fact and intended for the exclusive use of staff and students. Located on the third floor of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, the library offers a full range of materials and resources including books, journals, magazines, a computer lab and e-learning modules. Additionally, the expertise of a full-time librarian is available to help navigate these resources with ease. FitzGerald students will find this repository of knowledge to be comfortable and inviting with floor to ceiling windows, brightly lit workspaces and a spacious lounge area. Watch a brief video describing the library.

Simulation Centre

The Allan Waters' Family Simulation Centre is a state of the art facility harnessing cutting edge technology to provide superior medical education. The full-sized operating room, skills lab and simulation theatre house a wide variety of simulation equipment and feature life-sized, high fidelity mannequins. During simulations, students will hone their skills as their synthetic patient sweats, loses consciousness, responds to intravenous medications or experiences a heart attack. Cameras at numerous angles provide post-simulation feedback and the chance for students to observe their own reaction during critical decision points. The centre challenges students to take their knowledge of medicine as a science into a live arena to refine their skills. Learn more.

Classrooms and video conferencing

As research digs deeper for more profound discoveries, knowledge becomes more specialized and as a result more distributed. The ability to remain connected among these islands of knowledge in an educational setting is paramount. FitzGerald students have access to fully equipped classrooms, complete with video conferencing technology and presentation tools. These facilities allow teaching to occur across academies where all learners, regardless of location, are fully integrated into a deep network of teaching expertise.

Study spaces

At the end of the day, every medical student will have to simply sit down and dedicate a significant portion of their time learning a huge amount of information. FitzGerald students are no exception and they have access to exceptional study spaces throughout the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute. During regular hours, students have access to comfortable spaces in the Scotiabank Health Sciences Library. After hours, a number of fully equipped conference rooms and classrooms are available for private and group study. After hours of sustained mental effort, students can easily find a lounge, perhaps with a fireplace or a ping-pong table, where they can relax and recharge.