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Things to consider before applying

Volunteering at St. Michael’s is a serious commitment. Before you apply, we want to make sure that you understand the volunteer role and the requirements of volunteering:

Time Commitment

  • A typical volunteer placement is three to four hours, once per week.

  • The minimum initial commitment is 125 hours for adults (approximately one year) and 70 hours for students (approximately one academic year or one summer).

  • Please note that the majority of our placements occur during weekdays, with fewer placements on evenings and weekends.

Volunteer Roles

  • The volunteer role has certain boundaries and no volunteer role will include any tasks that can legally be performed only by a health care professional (physician, pharmacist, physiotherapist, laboratory technician, etc.). Volunteering will not allow you the opportunity to practice or develop your clinical or technical skills.

  • There are no placements that are specifically designed for medical administration graduates to practice their skills.

  • There are some areas of the hospital that do not offer volunteer opportunities, such as the pharmacy, food services, security, housekeeping, engineering and the supplies area. If you have a specific volunteer area in mind, please contact Volunteer Services before completing the application.

  • Do you wish to volunteer with a hospital researcher?

  • Do you wish to volunteer your feedback on our services?

Other Requirements

  • The minimum age to volunteer is 16 (at the time of application). However, because of the non-clinical environment and onsite supervision given to Gift Shop volunteers, 15-year-olds may apply for Gift Shop sales positions.

  • Applicants must have proof of health insurance.

  • Applicants must have been residents in Canada for at least 12 months prior to applying.

  • Due to the customer service nature of volunteering, volunteers must have excellent communication skills, including verbal and written English.

  • If you have arranged your own volunteer placement, the manager of the unit/area must contact Volunteer Services for approval.

  • Successful applicants will be required to complete a Criminal Background Check.