St. Michael's 3.0

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Photo from the new ED.

St. Michael’s opens first phase of new Emergency Department

May 31, 2017
St. Michael’s Hospital has opened the first phase of its new Emergency Department. The state-of-the-art acute area, purpose-built to care for patients with urgent injuries or illnesses, is the initial phase of a multi-year revitalization and expansion of the hospital’s ED that will eventually double its size.

blueprints found inside the vault

Emptying 'the vault'

Oct. 27, 2016
In the basement of Cardinal Carter wing, a two-level facility houses approximately 30,000 technical drawings. As part of St. Michael’s 3.0, the vault must be emptied as part of the ED expansion.

A hallway on the newly renovated Donnelly Wing

Did you know?

Oct. 9, 2016
A synthetic material commonly used to create seamless kitchen countertops, known as solid surface, is also frequently used in health care.

Registered nurse Mary Lou Sulcs consults with a pre-surgical patient by phone

Pre-Admission Facility moves to a new floor and a new model of care

June 21, 2016
With new space on the 10th floor of the Donnelly Wing, it’s surprising that Nancy Rudyk, clinical leader manager for the Pre-Admission Facility, doesn’t want to show it off.

Vincent Lam, manager of Clinical Engineering, explains how equipment will be moved

Clinical Engineering: Where technology and patient care meet

May 27, 2016
As part of St. Michael’s 3.0, many units, clinics and offices are moving into renovated spaces inside the existing hospital or to the Peter Gilgan Patient Care Tower in 2017. Some moves are complex and require the assistance of the hospital’s Clinical Engineering Department.

Joy Allen, an MDRD technician, assembles a small surgical set for ophthalmology.

Relocation for renovation: a makeover for the hospital’s reprocessing department

March 24, 2016
Big changes are coming to the Medical Device Reprocessing Department this spring as part of St. Michael’s 3.0 redevelopment project.

A rendering of the new Shuter Wing

Taking the ramp less travelled

Jan. 12, 2016
It’s mid-morning in the hospital’s Queen Street entrance and the lobby is buzzing with activity. It’s the hospital’s busiest public space, seeing 75 per cent of patient and public traffic.

Detail from our statue of St. Michael

St. Michael returns to the Bond Wing

Nov. 5, 2015
The statue of St. Michael the Archangel is returning to the Bond Wing where it stood watch over the lobby from the late 1890s to 1996.

Designs for the new public circulation route through the hospital’s first floor.

Improving hospital navigation with St. Michael’s 3.0

Aug. 11, 2015
In addition to the transformations in patient care that will be generated by St. Michael’s 3.0, the redevelopment project includes improvements in the ways that everyone navigates the hospital.

A rendering of the grand foyer in the Peter Gilgan Patient Care Tower.

Building a senior friendly hospital

June 22, 2015
As St. Michael’s Hospital builds its new Peter Gilgan Patient Care Tower and renovates large amounts of existing hospital space, it is also taking the opportunity to meet the unique needs of elderly patients and visitors.

A rendering of a patient room in the Peter Gilgan Patient Care Tower’s MSICU.

Clinical consultants build on nursing experience for St. Michael’s 3.0

May 14, 2015
When Jessica Cunnington worked as a registered nurse in the Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit in the 1970s, patient beds were pushed up against one wall and surrounded by monitors and other equipment, making it difficult to move around the bed and, in particular, to reach a patient’s head.

St. Michael’s breaks ground on construction project

St. Michael’s breaks ground on construction project

April 17, 2015
Health Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins was on hand today as St. Michael’s Hospital broke ground for a redevelopment project that will include a new 17-storey patient care tower to care for critically ill patients and renovations that will nearly double the size of the Emergency Department.

Bill Verhoog secures protective hoarding on 2 Shuter

Infection control forms the foundation of St. Michael’s redevelopment project

March 12, 2015
Blueprints, building permits and bricks and mortar are what come to mind when thinking of construction, but in hospitals infection prevention is the critical first step in any renovation project.

A view of the hospital from Queen and Victoria Streets

Bondfield Construction selected to build 17-storey patient care tower at St. Michael’s Hospital

Jan. 28, 2015
Bondfield Construction has been chosen to design, build and finance the construction of St. Michael’s Hospital’s new tower at the corner of Queen and Victoria Streets.

Image of Dr. Ori Rotstein, surgeon-in-chief

St. Michael’s storeys: building surgery 3.0

Dec. 8, 2014
Here at the hospital we look after patients from our local community, from across Ontario and even from outside the province who are critically ill and need our urgent care. That is why patient care is everything at St. Michael’s.

Rendering of the Element Financial Atrium

Element Financial donates $15 million to St. Michael’s new patient care tower

Oct. 3, 2014
Element Financial Corp. announced today that it is donating $15 million toward the construction of a new patient care tower for critically ill patients at St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto.

Rendering of the Peter Gilgan Patient Care Tower.

Peter Gilgan donates $30 million to St. Michael’s new patient care tower

Sept. 19, 2014
Peter Gilgan, the founder and CEO of Mattamy Homes, today announced a $30 million gift toward construction of a new patient care tower for critically ill patients at St. Michael’s Hospital.

A volunteer helps a visitor at the Patient and Family Learning Centre

Patient and Family Learning Centre gets new home

Sept. 3, 2014
The Patient and Family Learning Centre is moving to make way for upcoming construction for St. Michael’s 3.0.

A conceptual rendering of what the future MSICU could look like

New MSICU to feature more space for families

June 24, 2014
The Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit, or MSICU, of St. Michael’s 3.0 is being designed with patient- and family-centered care in mind.

A rendering of what a future orthopedic inpatient room in St. Michael’s 3.0 could look like

Two orthopedic inpatient units to merge

May 12, 2014
The new patient care tower means even more to the Orthopedic Inpatient Unit than new and better space for patients, family and staff. It will allow the unit—now divided between 4 Bond and 9 Cardinal Carter—to reunite.

CLM Jana Jeffrey discusses St. Michael’s future home for coronary care

St. Michael’s storeys: building coronary care 3.0

April 30, 2014
St. Michael’s is embarking on a series of projects to transform care at the hospital, including a new 17-storey patient care tower. CLM Jana Jeffrey discusses St. Michael’s future home for coronary care and what it means for patients and their care.

Luis Silva, a supervisor with Environmental Services, sells a Valentine’s candygram.

Environmental Services first department to raise funds for St. Michael’s 3.0

April 1, 2014
The 285 people who work in Environmental Services make up the first department to contribute to St. Michael’s 3.0, with a pledge of $25,000 over five years to go toward the redevelopment project.

Geoffrey H. Wood

The Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation donates $5 million for new respirology unit

March 24, 2014
The Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation, a longtime supporter of St. Michael’s Hospital, has donated $5 million to build a state-of-the art respirology unit on the sixth floor of the new patient care tower.

Space for families

St. Michael’s storeys: building hematology 3.0 (video)

March 10, 2014
St. Michael’s is embarking on a series of projects to transform care at the hospital, including a new 17-storey patient care tower.

Space for families

Pre-admission facility to get new home

March 10, 2014
The pre-admission facility, where patients receive weeks-in-advance surgery preparation to avoid cancellations or delays, will have an updated and more accessible home in St. Michael’s 3.0.

Rendering of Slaight Family Emergency Department

Slaight family donates $10 million to Emergency Department renovation at St. Michael’s Hospital

Oct. 29, 2013
The Slaight family gift of $10 million will help renovate and double the size of the St. Michael’s Hospital Emergency Department, making it a world-class facility that will be known as the Slaight Family Emergency Department.

A health care professional at St. Michael’s Hospital washes his hands before interacting with a patient.

Improving infection control with St. Michael’s 3.0

Oct. 28, 2013
Several infection control features of the new patient care tower, from isolation rooms to a dedicated OR elevator, improved ventilation and new sinks are expected to reduce hospital-acquired infections and improve patient safety.

A mock-up of a future operating room in St. Michael’s 3.0.

Building a better operating room

Oct. 2, 2013
The five new hybrid operating rooms for the new patient care tower are being designed to meet the technology needs of the future.