St. Michael's 3.0

Clinic, office and other moves

As we build the Peter Gilgan Patient Care Tower at the corner of Queen and Victoria Streets and renovate existing hospital space, some doctors’ offices, clinics and other services will move.

Before your next appointment, call 416-360-4000 or visit to confirm where your clinic or your doctor’s office is located.

Completed moves

Vascular Clinic

The Vascular Clinic has moved to the 8th floor, Donnelly Wing South. The clinic can be accessed using the Donnelly South elevators.

Patient Relations

Patient Relations has moved to room 1-050 on the first floor of the Bond Wing.

On-site outpatient blood lab

The on-site outpatient blood lab reopened on 3 Shuter wing. Please note that phlebotomy services will no longer be offered at 80 Bond.

Trauma/Neurosurgery Program

The following clinics, part of the Trauma/Neurosurgery Program, moved to 3 Donnelly Wing South, directly across from the Donnelly South elevators: Head Injury Clinic, Neurovascular Clinic, Neurosurgery Clinic, Spine Clinic.

Health Records

Health Records has moved from 1 Donnelly North to 1 Donnelly South, and is accessible only by the Donnelly South elevators (across from Second Cup) due to construction on 1 Donnelly North.

MS Clinic

The MS Clinic has moved from 3 Shuter to 9 Donnelly South.

Neurophysiology (EMG/EEG)

Neurophysiology (EMG/EEG) has moved from 3 Donnelly South to 9 Donnelly South.

Cash Office and Admitting services

The Cash Office and Admitting services have moved from the 1 Cardinal Carter Wing to the 1 Donnelly South. Both can be accessed only from the Donnelly South elevators (across from Second Cup) due to construction on 1 Donnelly North.

Pre-Admission Facility

The Pre-Admission Facility has moved from the 1st floor, Cardinal Carter Wing, to the 10th floor, Donnelly Wing South. If you have questions about your appointment, please contact the booking clerks between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday to Friday, at the following numbers:

  • 416-864-5689
  • 416-864-6074
  • 416-864-5436

The Gift Shop and Tim Hortons

The Gift Shop and Tim Hortons have moved from the Victoria Street lobby in the Cardinal Carter Wing to 6 Cardinal Carter, inside the Marketeria.

Statue of St. Michael

The statue, which stood in our Victoria lobby, has been moved to the Bond lobby. Learn more about the statue here.

St. Michael's Hospital Foundation

The Foundation’s Finance, Special Events and Annual Programs, and Marketing and Communications teams have moved to 2 Queen St. E., 7th floor from 1 Bond.

If you have any questions, please contact