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Research relating to older adults is happening within St. Michael’s, including research on dementia, glaucoma and trauma.

St. Michael’s Hospital has a neuroscience research program and is also affiliated with the newly formed Toronto Dementia Research Alliance.

To read more about research that has been published from St. Michael’s researchers, please click on the links below.


People with HIV in Ontario living longer, as mortality rate drops more than 70 per cent

Topic: Transformation into chronic illness
Researcher: Dr. Tony Antoniou


Cognitive enhancers do not improve cognition or function in people with mild cognitive impairment

Topic: Cognitive enhancers
Researcher: Dr. Andrea Tricco and Dr. Sharon Straus

Artwork by Mary Hecht

Art opens the mind and preserves artistic skills despite the onset of vascular dementia in the “remarkable” case of a Canadian sculptor

Topic: Dementia and art
Researcher: Dr. Luis Fornazzari

Dr. Dorcas Beaton

Patients who are engaged in their own care are more likely to reduce the risk of future fractures

Topic: Fracture risk and patient engagement
Researcher: Dr. Dorcas Beaton

Dr. Joanna Sale

Older patients will make lifestyle changes to avoid fractures

Topic: Fracture risk and lifestyle changes
Researcher: Dr. Joanna Sale

Dr. Sharon Straus

No evidence drugs, vitamins, herbal supplements help prevent cognitive decline in healthy older adults

Topic: Dementia and drugs, vitamins and herbal supplements
Researcher: Dr. Raza Naqvi

Dr. Neeru Gupta

Rapid eye movements significantly delayed in people with glaucoma

Topic: Rapid eye movements
Researcher: Dr. Neeru Gupta

Dr. Camilla Wong

First-of-its-kind program improves outcomes for seniors admitted for trauma at St. Michael’s Hospital

Topic: Improved care for seniors admitted for trauma
Researcher: Dr. Camilla Wong


People with dementia less likely to return home after stroke: study

Topic: Dementia and stroke
Researcher: Dr. Gustavo Saposnik

Dr. Stephen Hwang

Looking old may not be a sign of poor health

Topic: Appearance and health status
Researcher: Dr. Stephen Hwang

Cover of the POWER Study chapter on Musculoskeletal Disorders

Ontarians suffering from rheumatoid arthritis not receiving the speciality care they need

Topic: Rheumatoid arthritis
Researcher: Dr. Arlene Bierman


Common antibiotic linked to bleeding in older patients on warfarin

Topic: Warfarin and antibiotics
Researcher: Muhammad Mamdani

Yeni Yücel

Novel circulation in eye could lead to new glaucoma treatments

Topic: Glaucoma and lymphatic channels
Researcher: Yeni Yücel

Alzheimer's drug

Alzheimer's drug puts patients at increased risk of abnormally slow heart rate: study

Topic: Dementia and medication
Researcher: Laura Y. Park-Wyllie