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About us

The Centre for Ethical, Social, and Cultural (ESC) Risk (formerly the ESC Program for Global Health) is a not-for-profit academic consulting program, based in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael’s Hospital.

The Centre for ESC Risk engages in research and analysis in order to identify pathways to address ethical, social, and cultural risks in global health and development. Complex ethical, social and cultural risks can significantly affect the impact of global health and development programs. But these risks are often left unaddressed because pathways to managing them may be unfamiliar and perplexing. Our unique value lies in our ability to translate leading-edge ethical, social and cultural scholarship into workable solutions to client ESC problems.

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Who we are

A team of academic consultants who combine academic excellence and rigour with consulting professionalism and expediency.

The team consists of a multidisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners based in Canada, with a vast international “open network” of associates with extensive experience in global health, health and research policy, biomedical science, medicine, public health, bioethics, philosophy, and law.

Our members include:

  • James Lavery, managing director
  • Kim Stangeby, managing director
  • Claudia Emerson
  • Billie-Jo Hardy
  • Pam Kolopack
  • Lasse Schulze
  • Sana Malik
  • Jennifer Lee Earley
  • Meagan Kay-Fowlow

Service areas

We are equipped to deliver solutions using tools and methodologies we have developed across the following service areas:


• Program strategy
• Innovation
• Reputation
• IP and partnerships

• Product development
• Trials and pilot testing
• Data access and management
• Project management

• Learning and development
• Culture
• Change management

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