Clinics & Inpatient Care Units

Specialty Clinics

Image for the specialty clinicsWe offer a vast array of services from 64 medical and surgical specialists for new and follow-up patients. Clinics include allergy and allergy testing, colorectal, dermatology, general surgery, gastro-intestinal, head injury, hematology, hepatology, immunology, infectious diseases, internal medicine, neurosurgery, pain, and peripheral vascular.

All patients requiring an appointment in these clinics must be referred by a family physician or referring doctor.


4 Cardinal Carter North
St. Michael's Hospital
30 Bond St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1W8, Canada

Allergy clinic
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. Stephen Betschel 416-864-3056 416-864-6046
Dr. Karen Binkley
Dr. Nina Jindal
Dr. Christine Song
Dermatology Clinic
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. David Adam 416-864-3046 416-864-6089
Dr. Paul Adam
Dr. Ibrahim Fayez
Dr. Peter Hacker
Dr. Henry Jakubovic
Dr. Wolodmyr Medwidsky
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. Samir Grover 416-864-5628 416-864-5882
Dr. Aviva Leber 416-864-5060 416-861-8378
Dr. Kursh Jeejeeboy - TPN 416-864-6092 416-864-5882
Dr. Paul Kortan 416-864-3094 416-864-5619
Dr. Florence Wong 416-340-3834 416-340-5019
General Surgery
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. Najma Ahmed 416-864-5481 416-864-3083
Dr. Bernard Lawless 416-864-5481 416-864-3083
Dr. Nancy Baxter 416-864-5168 416-360-0637
Dr. Ori Rotstein 416-864-5410 416-360-0637
Dr. Marcus Burnstein 416-864-6050 416-864-5668
Jo Hoeflok, NP 416-864-5112 416-864-5975
Dr. John Bohnen 416-864-3047 416-864-5163
Dr. Teodor Grantcharov 416-864-5748 416-864-5343
Dr. Sandra de Montbrun 416-864-5005 416-864-3049
Dr. J. Derezende-neto 416-864-5284 416-864-5281
Dr. Sandro Rizoli 416-864-5284 416-864-5281
Dr. John Marshall 416-864-5225 416-864-5141
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. M. Trinkaus 416-864-5632 416-864-3055
Dr. L. Hicks 416-864-5632 416-864-3055
Dr. M. Sholzberg 416-864-5389 416-864-3055
Dr. G. Lim 416-864-5389 416-864-3055
Dr. J. Baker 416-867-3655 416-867-3736
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. J. Teitel 416-864-5245 416-864-5310
Dr. M. Sholzberg 416-864-5245 416-864-5310
Vascular Surgery
Physician Office Phone Office Fax
Dr. Elise Greco 416-864-5236 416-864-6012
General Internal Medicine
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. Joel Ray 416-864-5928 416-864-5714
Dr. Robert Sargeant
Dr. Vera Dounaevskaia
Dr. Ophyr Mourad
Dr. Trevor Jamieson
Dr. Valerie Palda
Dr. Yuna Lee
Dr. Rajesh Gupta
Dr. R. Pattani
Venous Thromboembolism Clinic
Physicians Phone Fax
Dr. Gloria Lim 416-864-6060 ext. 3180 416-864-5714
Dr. Vera Dounaevskaia
Pain Service
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. John Hanlon 416-864-5561 416-864-5854
Dr. Michael Gofeld
Dr. Bok Chan
Dr. Peter Leung
Dr. Mary Mcloone
Dr. Aaron Hong
Positive Care Clinic - Specialty Clinics North
Physicians Office phone Office fax
Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi 416-864-5245 416-864-5310
Dr. Adriana Carvalhal
Dr. I.W. Fong
Dr. Kevin Gough
Dr. Matthew Muller
Dr. Mario Ostrowski
Dr. Linda Taggart
Dr. Darrell Tan
Dr. David Wong