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Image for the physiotherapy programPhysiotherapy studies how and why movement and function take place. Physiotherapists are independent health care professionals who provide safe, quality, client-centered physiotherapy through a commitment to service availability, accessibility and excellence.

The profession of physiotherapy is committed to client-centered services that respect the autonomy and dignity of the recipient. Physiotherapists work with clients of all ages in a diversity of settings to provide health services in wellness, acute care, rehabilitation and long term care. They are bound by ethical principles to act with integrity, accountability and judgment in the best interests of the client. Physiotherapists exercise professional judgment in unique, complex and uncertain situations.

The profession is constantly evolving through research, education and practice. In their services, they strive to achieve optimal health outcomes and use resources efficiently and safely. They act as members and leaders of health teams, and they take responsibility for respecting the roles of team members and initiating interventions in their own areas of expertise.

Physiotherapy at St. Michael's Hospital

Our physiotherapists and physiotherapist assistants work in many Hospital programs. The family practice unit has two physiotherapists and provides outpatient physiotherapy services. In total we have 30 physiotherapists and eight supporting personnel. The unit is located on the second floor of the St. Michael's Health Centre at 61 Queen Street East. Outpatient physiotherapy services require a treating physician at the Hospital with referring privileges.

Physiotherapy Practice Structure

The physiotherapy professional practice and education council meets monthly. Meetings are attended by all physiotherapists and support personnel. The council is a forum for the provision and discussion of matters concerning professional practice and education and best practices translation. Topics discussed are categorized by practice, education, best practices integration and evaluation. The council has direct reporting accountability to the director of health disciplines (practice and education) and the agenda is set by the professional practice leader (PPL) with suggestions from physiotherapy staff. The PPL or the vice chair head all meetings.

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Physiotherapy career inquiries may be e-mailed to the physiotherapy practice leader, Katey Knott, at