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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

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St. Michael’s NICU is a 20-24 bed advanced care critical unit. We are closely partnered with our high-risk maternal fetal-medicine team (high risk obstetrics) and general obstetrical/family medicine/midwifery group. We emphasize family–integrated care with the latest innovations in neonatal care. We work closely with our academic allies and the Acute Care Transfer Service serving patients throughout Central  Ontario. We are the fourth site of the Toronto Centre for Neonatal Health at the University of Toronto and have in-house access to multiple neonatal and pediatric specialties including outpatient follow-up capability.

Malachy’s Soiree Malachy’s Soiree

Malachy’s Soiree was started by Kerry O’Reilly Wilks and her husband Lloyd Wilks after their son Malachy, born seven weeks premature, received amazing care at the St. Michael’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The annual celebration raises awareness about the work being done in the NICU and raises money to help the hospital continue to provide world class neonatal care.

Learn more at www.malachyssoiree.ca.

Video: Malachy’s Soiree raising money for St. Michael's NICU

Kerry O'Reilly-Wilks and Dr. Douglas Campbell, medical director, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit talked about the NICU and Malachy’s Soiree on Breakfast Television.