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Bypass Surgery

With heart disease now being the number on cause of death in both men and women, coronary artery bypass grafting surgery is now one of the most commonly performed operations. Bypass surgery aims to increase blood supply to the heart muscle, relieve pain and symptoms of heart problems, prevent heart attacks and ultimately prolong and improve the lives of patients.

Whether you need bypass surgery depends on several factors. Current symptoms and your ability to cope with medications are clinical considerations. Decisions are based on the nature and extent of the disease. Less extensive or more localized disease may be better suited for angioplasty, while more extensive cases involving all the arteries of the heart, or the main artery of the left side of the heart, are more suited for bypass surgery

We are one of three downtown Toronto hospitals who perform adult cardiac surgery. Our team of five surgeons specializes in complex cases, redo operations, high risk operations and combined procedures such as heart valve operations and coronary artery bypass grafting, aortic surgery and valve operations and more.