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Department of Family and Community Medicine and St. Michael’s Academic Family Health Team

SDOH research and education

Faculty members within the department are leaders in research and health provider education on the social determinants of health.


Our department has a strong commitment to providing education on the social determinants of health to medical, nursing, and allied health professionals during their training and through continuing education during their careers.

Our faculty members have been involved in designing and teaching curriculum on the social determinants of health for medical students, residents, practicing family physicians, nurse practitioners, and other health care providers.

Highlights include:

  • Dr. Gary Bloch, along with other staff physicians, led the development of an workshop on Treating Poverty for family physicians

  • Members have been involved in developing two workshops on SDOH interventions that are part of the core curriculum for University of Toronto medical students

  • Members provide dozens of presentations every year to medical, academic, and other audiences on our work


Our department strives to consider equity in all of our Quality Improvement activities.


Our department has a robust health equity and social determinants-focused research program.

Dr. Andrew Pinto led the creation of The Upstream Lab, which focuses on evaluating programs that address the social determinants of health.

DFCM researchers are leading work in the following areas:

Dr. Tony Antoniou

  • HIV outcomes among immigrant groups
  • Barriers for people with HIV after incarceration

Dr. Rick Glazier

  • Healthy equity in primary care

Dr. Tara Kiran

  • Health equity in primary care (see the project website)
  • Income-related disparities in cancer screening (see the project website)

Dr. Aisha Lofters

  • Immigrant health and health equity
  • Income-related disparities in cancer screening (see the project website)

Dr. Nav Persaud

  • Access to essential medicines (see the CLEAN Meds study website)

Dr. Andrew Pinto

  • Income security, decent work, and healthy equity (see the Upstream Lab website)

Dr. Janet Smylie