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Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology

Insulin pump program

The insulin pump program is designed to help you successfully make the switch from multiple daily injections to the insulin pump.

We provide a multidisciplinary approach to education, which include nurses, dietitians, a pharmacist and social worker.

We provide ongoing follow-up and support.

What is an insulin pump?

  • It is a small battery operated external device that is a little bigger than a pager

  • It delivers insulin continuously through a tiny cannula that is inserted under your skin and is changed every two to three days.

  • It is also called continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII).

  • Pumps have built in calculators that use your personal settings to help you calculate your insulin doses.

Potential benefits of using an insulin pump

  • To reduce overnight hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • For more precise dosing of insulin
  • Fewer injections
  • More flexibility (For example, for making insulin adjustments for physical activity)
  • More discreet insulin dosing

Can you afford an insulin pump?

  • The average cost for an insulin pump is $6 - 7 thousand

  • If you have Type 1 diabetes the Ontario government will cover the full cost of your insulin pump.

  • If you have Type 2 diabetes, you may have to cover the cost if you do not have insurance.

Check your readiness for an insulin pump

Do you have:

  • A personal desire for better control?
  • Are you testing your blood sugar levels a minimum of four times daily or willing to do so?
  • A willingness to learn how to adjust dosages based on food, activity and special circumstances?
  • The time to attend regular visits with the diabetes team?
  • Patience to learn how to manage your insulin pump effectively?

Did you answer ‘yes’ to all the questions?

If you did, congratulations!

At the St. Michael’s Hospital Centre for Diabetes & Endocrinology we have an insulin pump program. To get access to our pump program, you first need to be referred by your family doctor to one of our endocrinologists.

Once you have seen the endocrinologist, you can asked to be referred to our insulin pump information session to get the process started.

Learn more about insulin pumps

There are three companies in Canada that supply insulin pumps. To learn more about the various types of pumps available, check out the insulin pump company websites below.