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Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology

Continuous glucose monitoring

Continuous blood glucose monitoring (CGM) is a method of measuring blood sugar using a tiny hair-like sensor that sits under the skin. The sensor measures the blood sugar level in the fluid below the skin.

CGM measures blood sugar all day and night. A transmitter sends the blood sugar level to a receiver. The receiver displays your blood sugar whenever you want without a fingerstick! The receiver can alert you when your blood sugar is going low or high. The low alert is particularly helpful to catch low blood sugars while you are asleep. The high alerts will tell you about high blood sugars at times when you may not have previously checked your blood sugar, such as between meals.

The reading on the receiver is shown with an arrow that predicts the direction in which the blood sugar is heading. Knowing whether your blood sugar is heading up or down can help you decide what to do to keep your blood sugar in your target range. 

Learn more about CGM

CGM can helpful to anyone on insulin. Some sensors link to an insulin pump and others can be used with a receiver.  You DO NOT need to be on an insulin pump to use a sensor.  Our team will help you learn how to use CGM.

There are two companies in Canada that sell continuous glucose monitors. Check out the company websites below for more information.