Critical Care


International Fellowship program

Prospective applicants for the International Fellowship program should consult the following document for information regarding program requirements and the application process itself:


The overarching goal of education within the Critical Care Department is to provide a safe learning environment for students, residents, and fellows of a variety of different specialties, where they are able to learn and practice new skills. Key aspects of the education program include:

  • Students are provided with a varied learning experience through diverse, yet interrelated ICU experiences across the MSICU, CVICU, and TNICU
  • Students learn to use and effectively manage patients with state of the art technology within the ICUs
  • Each learning environment is multidisciplinary in nature – students will learn to work with others in their own specialty, as well as alongside others of different specialties, fostering communication and teamwork across different disciplines
  • Introduce students to research aspect of Critical Care by presenting them with a variety of research opportunities

Steps of Critical Care Education - Novice to Expert: Student, PG1, Resident, Fellow, Staff

Teaching Tools

Evidence Based Medicine: Didactic Teaching Sessions, Simulation Training, Bedside Teaching, M&M Rounds, Computer-Based Education, Procedural Training