Our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients and residents, and our people.

Only pre-approved visitors can visit patients at our sites. Please check our COVID-19 information page to learn more about what to expect for your appointment/visit and how to be approved as a visitor.

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Critical Care at St. Michael's

Chief's message

Dr. Andrew Baker
Dr. Andrew Baker, chief, Department of Critical Care

Dr. Andrew Baker
Chief, Department of Critical Care

I’m sorry you have a reason to visit this page.

Having a loved one in critical condition is always difficult. These pages are a resource for patients and their family and friends during a challenging, uncertain time. You will have questions about your loved one. Questions about what will happen. Questions about the equipment we’re using. Or even questions about where you can get take a break alone or get a cup of coffee. We’ve tried to address common questions on these pages, but please feel free to ask the members of the Critical Care team when you need answers or support.

Know that your loved one is in the best of hands. I believe St. Michael’s is Canada’s premier critical care hospital. The hospital is one of Ontario’s top referral centres for critically ill patients. We’re also one of only two adult trauma hospitals in Toronto.

As the premier critical care hospital, St. Michael’s offers our patients access to cutting-edge treatments, therapies that may not be available elsewhere. As a teaching hospital, St. Michael’s trains the next generation of ICU clinicians.

We are a global resource for developing, evaluating and setting standards of care. Our department works with you (family and friends) to deliver comprehensive care for your loved one.