Patient and family engagement at St. Michael’s

Thank you from our patients

Thank you from our patients

We’re grateful when we hear from you, our patients.

Here’s a sampling of just some patients/families who have reached out to say thank you to St. Michael’s.

April 2015
(This letter has been condensed)

As I sat waiting to see a doctor, I made numerous observations about the emergency staff on that evening, and how helpful they were to various patients. I realize this is all part of their job to provide good care to patients, but what became obvious given this is an inner city hospital is that the clientele they have to deal with is rather different and probably sometimes challenging. In particular, two homeless gentleman entered emergency, looking for a bit of a break from the cold. As the security guard approach them to ask them if there were looking for treatment (response was no, they were hoping to get away from a cold evening). So he let them sit for a while to warm up, but came back several minutes later with two egg salad sandwiches…so they would have something to eat.

…His actions to even provide them with sandwiches was in my view above and beyond. Kudos to him and the hospital for having an approach of still “taking care” of those that cannot. It actually warmed my heart to see this, and does instill some faith that there are still good people and good organizations out there doing good things. Congrats to you and your organization.

Best regards,
Andre Gratton