Patient and family engagement at St. Michael’s

Become a Patient and Family Advisor

We believe it is very important for prospective Patient and Family Advisors to clearly understand the program criteria to ensure a mutual match for both the advisor and St. Michael’s. Before submitting your application form, please review the program requirements to be sure that this is the right commitment for you:

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What experiences and qualities do I need to be an advisor?

You should be:

  • A patient, former patient or family member involved in the care of a patient (includes parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.) and have experience at St. Michael’s in the last three years
  • Ready to reflect on diverse points of view (i.e. different geographic locales, ages, genders, cultures, ethnicities, education, employment, abilities) that reflect the population of our community
  • Comfortable speaking in front of a group
  • Interested in working with staff and other patients, family members and caregivers
  • Committed to improving the experience of all patients and families.
  • Conscious of the difference between advisory and advocacy roles
  • Respectful of others’ privacy and confidentiality

You should be able to:

  • Objectively share your experiences and point of view in ways others can learn from them
  • Listen to and appreciate the views of others in a constructive and respectful manner
  • See beyond your personal experiences and think broadly about multiple issues
  • Commit to serve yearly for a minimum of one year
  • Attend a PFA orientation session

What is the expected time commitment?

All PFAs must commit to a minimum of one year but it’s up to you how much time within the year you want to volunteer. It may be a one-time activity such as sharing your hospital experience or participating in a focus group. It may involve joining a committee, working group or team. You will be matched to an opportunity based on your experience, interests and availability.

Interested? Apply now!

There are two simple steps to applying to become an advisor:

1. Fill out your application form and click its submit button
2. And then stay tuned — you may be contacted for an interview!

Chrome users: Please note that you will need to download and open this form using Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to save your data and submit via email. You will not be able to submit the form unless it has been downloaded.