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Our 4 CAPs

Women and Children's CAP

Helping women and children to thrive

The Women and Children's CAP provides advice and frontline experience to make St. Michael's services better for women and their babies.

Since 1992, the Women and Children's CAP has worked on behalf of hundreds of women from downtown Toronto to improve services and programs for women at all of life's stages, including:

  • obstetrical care
  • cancer screening
  • housing
  • services for older women


"If it hadn't been for the Passport Program, I may have been in a whole heap of trouble! It really opened up a lot of doors for me." - My Baby and Me participant

My Baby and Me Passport

Listen to a CBC Radio podcast about the award-winning program My Baby and Me (Windows Media Audio).

Toronto Public Health estimates that, every year about 300 infants are born to homeless women- many without prenatal supports. In response, the CAP organized a workgroup to look at ways to motivate young women who are at-risk to attend prenatal care and become active participants in their health care.

The result is an innovative, prenatal program called My Baby and Me that helps to reduce risks for young, homeless moms and their babies by creating a portable health record to help keep track of appointments and health information. The program also includes practical supports and incentives such as TTC fare and grocery vouchers. It also incorporates measures to protect the privacy of the young women who participate. 94% of the young women in the pilot group gave birth to healthy and full-term babies. My Baby and Me was awarded a Celebrating Innovations in Health Care award in the fall of 2009.

Best practice guidelines on women abuse, postpartum depression and breastfeeding

The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario has selected St. Michael's for a three-year Best Practice Spotlight project to implement a number of guidelines across the hospital. The Women and Children's CAP will provide input on these guidelines across the hospital.

Maternal bereavement in women undergoing custody loss

Members of the CAP recognized a gap in community services: women who lose custody of their children because of challenges in their lives often do not have an opportunity to grieve that loss. In response, the CAP organized a half-day forum to talk about this aspect of maternal bereavement and invited a mix of staff from St Michael's, neighbouring hospitals and community agencies. Participants learned about concrete ways to support women who experience such loss.