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Our Partners

Community Advisory Panels (CAPs)

Vital partnerships that bridge community and hospital

Collaboration - What CAPs are all about

St. Michael's Community Advisory Panels (CAPs) are leaders in community-hospital collaboration for health equity. CAPs are a best practice model for health organizations around the world to improve hospital services through community engagement - particularly for those who are most vulnerable. Our four CAPs focus on:

CAPs are a dynamic mix of people - St Michael's staff, patients, consumers and community members who care about health. The program is coordinated through the Inner City Health Program.

Advocacy for those who are vulnerable

Since 1992, CAPs have maintained a crucial dialogue between St. Michael's Hospital and our broader inner-city community. They bring the community voice into the hospital - and take the hospital into the community. CAPs help to create and support inclusive services for those who are at-risk and have special needs.

Partners in patient care, research and education

Our CAPs have contributed to 60 innovations in patient care, research and education that have had a huge impact on how we do our work at St. Michael's.