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March 15 Dr. Andreas Laupacis steps down from Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute leadership
March 12 New plaque honours Dr. Halperin for a lifetime of achievements
March 8 Researchers find biomarker that predicts who will respond best to common complication from diabetes
March 7 Convenience for patients is No. 1 with new PocketHealth platform
March 5 Colouring book helps children understand why new siblings can’t come home yet
March 2 St. Michael’s cardiology team performs world first
March 1 Some 300 delegates from more than 30 countries with one goal – joining in the global fight against cancer
February 28 New report finds 'critical and alarming gap' in high quality, comprehensive and inclusive data for urban Indigenous populations in Canada
February 27 Q&A with Emily Little
February 26 Physicians develop recommendations for managing in-flight medical emergencies
February 22 Complex surgery removes rare tumour from patient’s spine
February 21 St. Michael’s cardiologist performs successful world first, using Canadian invented device in novel way
February 19 Study looks at how newly discovered gene helps grow blood vessels
February 20 MyChart shows patients their own health records
February 15 Physicians speculate Game of Thrones’ King Joffrey would have lived had he received proper medical care when poisoned at his wedding
February 9 MDRD celebrates renovation completion
February 8 Q&A with Dr. Lee Schofield
January 26 Older adults who are frail are more likely to experience delirium following elective surgery, new study suggests
January 23 Preventing delirium with an activity box
January 17 Previously unpublished information from clinical trial pivotal to FDA approval calls into question effectiveness of pregnancy anti-nausea drug
January 16 Physiotherapist’s invention sets patients free
January 12 Age is not a risk factor for complications after surgery among older patients, new study suggests
January 10 ELVIS is in the building
January 4 Using Big Data to improve patient care