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June 22

B.C. couple dealt devastating blow while husband waits for life-saving surgery in Toronto
‌Global News
Cystic fibrosis patient Kory Bradshaw and his wife lost their B.C. home to fire while living in Toronto as they await his double lung transplant. Their neighbours in Kelowna started a GoFundMe page to assist the couple with living expenses.

June 21

Talent Talks with Alayne Metrick
‌Interview with Alayne Metrick
Women's Executive Network

St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation president, Alayne Metrick, sees passion as a driver in professional success. A strong advocate for mentorship and celebrating team success, Alayne has been at the helm of hospital foundations for over three decades, leading successful campaigns through inspirational engagement.

June 18

Why overtreatment and overdiagnosis can be bad for your health
‌Interview with Dr. Lisa Hicks
CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition

According to a recent study, doctors order more than a million medical tests and treatments every year that are not only unnecessary, but are potentially harmful.

June 15

Facing the man in the mirror
‌Interview with Dr. Thomas Ungar
TVO's The Agenda

Men and women both contend with mental health challenges, but there's still a difference between how the genders experience and cope with those issues. Dr. Thomas Ungar discusses whether men wait too long to get the help they need.

10 reasons why you're feeling more tired than usual
‌Interview with Doug Cook
Best Health Magazine

Still feeling sluggish after your third cup of coffee? Your lifestyle may be the culprit. Here are 10 reasons you feel so tired and how to boost your energy.

June 7

Does drinking cow's milk help children grow taller?
‌Research by Dr. Jonathon Maguire
CBC TV's The National

Children who drink dairy alternatives like soy, almond or rice milks are slightly shorter than their peers who drink cow's milk, according to a new study.

May 30

When sunshine and milk aren’t enough
‌Interview with Dr. Jonathon Maguire

The summer sun is almost upon us, which means kids will be getting no vitamin D whatsoever, because we're going to slather sunscreen on them like cream cheese on bagels.

May 29

St. Michael's Hospital opens new Emergency Department
‌Interview with Dr. Glen Bandiera
CTV News Toronto

St. Michael's Hospital opened Phase 1 of its new, expanded Emergency Department space. One of two trauma centres in Toronto, the new ED features patient rooms that are bigger and have increased privacy, including Smart Glass. Work on Phase 2 is underway and will include turning part of the old ED space into a new mental health area, as well as creating a new trauma bay.

Doctors should have to publicly disclose ties to drug industry: experts
‌Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud
The Globe and Mail

The controversy swirling around new national standards for prescribing opioids could have been avoided if Canada had laws requiring doctors to publicly disclose their financial ties to the drug industry, experts say.

May 25

Indigenous maternal health program aims to address inequality of health care
‌Research by Dr. Janet Smylie
CBC News

Researchers in Toronto have received a $2.6 million grant to bolster Indigenous maternal and child health programs in an effort to close the gaps in health care that exist between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal families.

St. Michael’s Improvement Program – A collaborative approach to sustainable cost savings
‌Report by Anne Trafford and Danielle Jane

By conducting Operational Reviews in focused areas, the hospital achieved $7.4 million of in-year savings in the first year, found standardizations, process efficiencies and direct cost savings that positioned itself for success in future funding models.
NOTE: To view the full report, click the link above and then click your browser's Reload/Refresh button.

Summer pregnancy may raise gestational diabetes risk
‌Research by Drs. ‎Gillian Booth and Joel Ray

Researchers have identified a new possible risk factor for gestational diabetes: Being exposed to hot outdoor temperatures in the month before giving birth.

May 19

Canadian cardiologist publishes world first mitral regurgitation procedure
‌Interview with Dr. Neil Fam
Medical Xpress

A Canadian cardiologist has published a report in the journal Eurointervention describing how he used a Canadian-invented device for the first time in the world to successfully insert a MitraClip through a patient's jugular vein rather than the femoral vein.

Will Ottawa’s new plan lower Canada's high drug prices?
‌Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud
The Globe and Mail

Dr. Philpott this week unveiled plans for the first overhaul in 30 years of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board, a little-known regulator that has already conceded it is struggling under its mouldy rules to keep prices in check.

Does BMI really mean anything?
‌Interview with Dr. Joel Ray

France is using the number as part of an evaluation to see if a model is healthy enough to walk the runway.

May 18

Health Minister orders review of opioid guidelines after conflict-of-interest revelations
‌Interview with Dr. Nav Persaud
The Globe and Mail

Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott has ordered an independent review into whether new national standards for prescribing opioids are “tainted,” and fresh revelations show that one third of the individuals who crafted the measures have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

As a doctor, I helped women trying to conceive. Then I became a patient
‌Column by Dr. Sheila Wijayasinghe
The Globe and Mail

"Three and a half years of fertility struggles later, I feel more like an expert than I ever expected to be."

May 17

Opioid prescriptions increasing in Ontario, despite crisis
‌Interview with Tara Gomes
The Globe and Mail

Despite widespread attention paid to the opioid crisis, the number of prescriptions filled for the powerful painkillers and the number of people taking them have continued to rise in Ontario, a new report says.


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