Information, Access and Privacy

St. Michael's hospital holds three primary types of information — health, business and personal information. Access to and privacy of each type of information is governed by specific legislation in Ontario.

Accessing your health information

St. Michael’s holds personal health information about patients and research participants. This information may include your health history and records of visit to the hospital. The collection, use, disclosure and management of personal health information are governed by Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). St. Michael’s is committed to ensuring the privacy of patient information. We take all necessary steps to comply with PHIPA and to safeguard your information. To learn more about the hospital’s use and disclosure of personal health information, review our information practices statement.

To request access to your personal health records, please complete the PHIPA access to personal health information form and send it to our Health Records Department. You may contact our health records office at 416-864-5213 for assistance. You will be advised of any fees required to process your request.

Accessing our business information

Under Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), any member of the public may request access to records held by St. Michael’s on or after Jan. 1, 2007. For a listing of the types of records kept at the hospital, go to our directory of records.

While generally you have a right to access to your own personal information contained in the hospital’s records, some records may contain other types of information that may be excluded or exempted from disclosure under FIPPA. For example, some information related to research, teaching, quality of care, labour relations and employment may not be accessible under the act. Many records are already made available to the public via our website, or will be made available upon request without a formal request for access under FIPPA. You may contact our Freedom of Information Coordinator for assistance at (416) 864-6088.

To make a request for access to our general records, complete a FIPPA access request form and send it along with your $5 application fee to our Freedom of Information Coordinator. You will be advised of any additional fees required to process your request.

Accessing your non-healthcare personal Information

Personal information held by St. Michael’s is protected under FIPPA. Individuals have a right of access to their own personal information contained in records held by the hospital, subject to the limited and specific exemptions to access set out in FIPPA. To request access to these records or to request correction of your personal information, complete a FIPPA access request form. For a complete list of record types held at St. Michael’s which may include personal information, please review our personal information banks.