Information, Access and Privacy

Fees & Timelines


A $5 application fee is required when submitting an access to information request. Additional fees may also include:

Type of Fee Cost
Photocopies and Printouts $0.20/page
Disks $10/disk
Manual search for a record $30/hour or $7.50 for every 15 minutes
Preparing a record for disclosure $30/hour or $7.50 for every 15 minutes
Developing a computer program or other method of producing a record from a machine-readable record $60/hour or $15 for every 15 minutes
Third-party costs including costs to locate, retrieve, process and copy records invoiced to St. Michael's Actual costs

Once your request is received, the information access and privacy office will contact you to advise you of any additional fees that may apply. If fees are estimated to exceed $100, you will be required to pay a 50% deposit. Fees should be made payable to:

St. Michael’s Hospital
c/o Information Access and Privacy Office
30 Bond St.
M5B 1W8

Costs, Timelines and Appeals

St. Michael’s will provide a response to a formal access to information request within 30 days of receipt of the request. Under some specific and limited circumstances, the hospital may contact you if we require more than 30 days to complete your request. If you have questions or concerns regarding our response to your request, please contact our freedom of information co-ordinator for assistance.

If your request is denied, you can appeal the decision by completing an appeal form or writing a letter to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. A $25 fee is required for general information and a $10 fee for personal information. To learn more, visit the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario's website.