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The Education Council at St. Michael’s Hospital hosted an Invitational Education Summit in 2009 to help develop a plan for implementing an education strategy. The summit welcomed 65 participants involved with and/or affected by the education received by health professionals, including senior health educators, administrators, faculty, staff, students and partner academic institutions. The top three strategic priorities identified were:

  1. Supporting the student experience
  2. Developing a corporate approach to Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD)
  3. Furthering the hospital’s ability to develop technology-enabled learning

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The most moving presentation of the day was given by three students – one from medicine, one from nursing and one from health disciplines. The students were brave enough to not only share, but collectively and collaboratively tell St. Michael’s how it could do better. The hospital was ready to listen and most importantly, move forward with the monumental transformation that they were asking for.

By the end of the summit, the following three educational themes emerged as priorities that would become the foundation for an education strategy.

  1. Foster integration and collaboration between professions
  2. Strengthen and build partnerships
  3. Scholarship (Support innovation, research and evaluation)

The summit confirmed the importance of ensuring St. Michael’s continued leadership in education, which would strengthen and expand education partnerships, both internally and externally. Enabling three priorities ensured that the Education Strategic Plan would create a culture of learning and discovery at St. Michael’s.

Education becomes a core business

A Corporate Strategic Framework was developed in 2011 to visually depict the hospital’s sharpened focus on priorities and three core businesses – patient care, research and education. The creation of the bridge between the hospital and the Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre (housed within the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute), further signifies the critical link between education and patient care.

Download the Strategic Framework Diagram: PDF

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