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Postgraduate Medical Education

Medical Education

St. Michael’s is committed to providing outstanding education for medical students, residents and clinical fellows in all aspects of contemporary health care. Our comprehensive undergraduate programs are noted for the high quality and dedication of our teachers who work to ensure students receive the necessary skills to become outstanding physicians and leaders within their professions.

Our strong post graduate program offers an unsurpassed educational experience which is dedicated to upholding and representing St. Michael’s corporate culture, missions and values.

Postgraduate Medical Education

St. Michael's, home to more than 300 residents and clinical fellows at any one time, is a fully affiliated teaching hospital with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. We are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience to all our postgraduate students, and we are committed to upholding the missions and values of St. Michael's in our work with students.

Dr. Julie MaggiDr. Julie Maggi is the director of postgraduate medical education. Introduced in 2005, the director position was created to provide a voice for postgraduate medical education within the hospital.

"At St. Michael's Hospital, we are extremely proud of our commitment to the educational experience of our postgraduate medical trainees. We have established committees of physician education leads from each department, as well as a council of chief and senior residents, both aimed at ensuring that the voice of our postgraduate medical trainees is heard and represented within the hospital. Our student centre is truly interprofessional, which allows leadership from all student groups to join together with the common goal of making St. Michael's Hospital an exceptional place to learn!"

"We know that postgraduate medical trainees work very hard to learn, and to provide an important service to our hospital. We are proud to say that one of our main goals is to continue to enhance the culture of wellness amongst postgraduate medical trainees" Dr. Julie Maggi, director, postgraduate medical education.

Clinical Fellows

St. Michael’s Hospital is home to over 125 clinical fellows during any academic year. All clinical fellows must register with the Postgraduate Medical Education Office at the University of Toronto prior to registering and doing orientation at the hospital's Student Centre.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your registration at St. Michael’s.

The Postgraduate Medical Education Office at the University of Toronto has established a Fellowship Education Advisory Committee (FEAC) to respond to the absence of a regulatory framework for clinical fellowship training, to confront challenges in assessment and issuance of certificates, and to examine reported harassment and perceived inequities. Membership included representatives of the postgraduate programs and affiliated teaching hospitals.

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The facilities at St. Michael's reflect the hospital's core businesses in education, research, and patient care. The main hospital site is linked symbolically by a striking glass and steel pedestrian bridge to the Keenan Research Centre and Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre.

In addition to having access to the following facilities, postgraduate trainees have 24/7 access to the following:

Image of call room for residents, with bed and computer desk.

Call rooms


Student Resource Centre

Student Resource Centre

Opened in May 2013, the Student Resource Centre offers all students of St. Michael’s a private space to be able to eat, relax and socialize. It offers a quiet room, computers, phones, a kitchenette and free popcorn! It is accessible via the Shuter North elevators and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.