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Health Disciplines Education - Educational links

We always want our students to feel like they have all the tools and resources they need to start and complete their placements. Please find links to educational resources that may help you before or during your placement, e.g. what is your learning style, receiving feedback, critical thinking etc.

Preceptor modules are free online modules that are designed to help students and clinical instructors make the most out of clinical placements.

ART (Accessible Resource for Teaching) modules are designed by the Centre of Faculty Development and provide additional ways for groups or individuals to improve on teaching practices.

Interprofessional Education

As part of your learning experience, interprofessional education (IPE) has been developed and is offered exclusively for students through the Student Interprofessional (IPE) Series and the Student Café. The IPE Series provides students with the opportunity to meet and discuss experiences with students from other disciplines of study. The focus of each session is a facilitated discussion around a given topic that is specific to interprofessional education and common to all. The Student Café brings students of different disciplines together to share their perspectives on a patient care scenario. Both the IPE Series and Student Café are open to all students, from all programs and academic institutions while completing a clinical placement at the hospital.