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Student Centre

Education Achievement Day

2005 Honorees

The Art Dunn Postgraduate Award: Dr. Brian Pollard
The Art Dunn Undergraduate Award: Dr. Abraham Katz

Dr. Luigi Casella Teaching Award: Dr. Michael Freeman
Dr. J.J. Connon Award: Dr. Leo Chiu
Gerald Wong Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching:
Dr. Rob Sargeant
Murray Muirhead Award
Dr. Luciana Parlea– PGY 1
Dr. David Maslove– PGY 1
Dr. Liz Wilcox– PGY 2
Dr. Shane Shapera– PGY 2
Dr. Darren Yuen– PGY 3
Outstanding Postgraduate Teacher Award:
Dr. Gabor Kandel
Dr. Kevin Gough
Dr. Rajesh Gupta
Dr. Robert Sargeant
Dr. Yuna Lee
Dr. Martin Schreiber
Teacher of the Year: Dr. Ophyr Mourad

Department of Surgery
The Donald J. Currie Undergraduate Teaching Award: Dr. James Mahoney
The Dr. Leo Mahoney Resident Teaching Award Dr. Eve Tsai
The William Horsey Postgraduate Teaching Award: Dr. Michael McKee

St Michael’s Hospital Foundation Department Spirit of Philanthropy Award:
Dr. Tony Graham



Fitzgerald Academy:
Clerkship Teacher Award:
Dr. Jennifer McCabe
Dr. Ophyr Mourad
Dr. Yuna Lee
Clinical Teacher Award:
Dr. David Wong
Dr. Karl Iglar
Dr. Robert Sargeant
Dr. Shree Bhalerao
Hall of Fame
Dr. Joseph Connon
Dr. Martin Schreiber
Dr. Peter Kopplin
Dr. Rajesh Gupta
Dr. Vincent Chien

Master Teacher
Dr. Vincent Chien
Most Appreciated Resident
Dr. Augustine Nguyen
Dr. Cory Goldberg
Dr. Leo Chiu
Dr. Shane Shapera
PBL Tutor Award:
Dr. Cliff Ottaway
Dr. Louise Perlin
Simon Abrahamson
Friends of the Academy
Discharge Planners 14CC :
Michelle Bather
Carita Valentini
Jacqueline Houston
Sophia Wong


Education Achievement Day Winners

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